Guest Blogger Style Guide

This document is a prescriptive editorial style guide designed to help you develop blog posts for the House Party blog. Apply these guidelines to ensure that your blog post is consistent with our House Party content pillars, is clear, and is appropriate for your audience – the House Party member community!

Content Themes

House Party blog posts come in all shapes and sizes, but each contributing post will need to fit within one of the six content pillars listed below. Depending on the content, some posts may be tagged under more than one category; however, the dominant category will be highlighted by an associated icon appearing next to the headline. So, be sure to pick a topic that easily fits within at least one!

Party Planning, Food, Family & kids, Entertainment, Connected, Lifestyle

Example Posts:

Before/After, Step-by-Step Guides, Top Ten Lists, Videos, Hobbies, Holiday entertaining, Recipes, etc.


Style Guidelines

  • Guest blog posts should not exceed 400-500 words in length
  • Photographs and videos need to meet all legal and copyright guidelines (see Attribution/Legal section for more detail)
  • Photographs should be of a minimum quality of 100KB
  • Video meets all legal and copyright guidelines (see Attribution/Legal for more detail on this)
  • As a guest blogger you give the House Party Team the right to make small grammatical and style changes to ensure that the post fits the House Party style (such as use of contractions, sentence case, bulleted lists, etc.)


Editorial Process

  • House Party reserves the right to make editorial modifications as necessary.



  • Comments will be enabled on all posts and all commenting on posts will be moderated solely by the House Party Blog team, not the individual blog contributor.
  • As a guest contributing blogger, you acknowledge that the House Party Blog team may confer with you if clarification is needed in answering ongoing commentary.



  • Always cite and link when making reference to an external source.
  • Do not plagiarize.
  • If using an image file in a post that isn’t original, you must include the source.
  • When using original image content, be sure to not include branded imagery. If photos contain other people, permission will need to be sought before posting is allowed.