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May the best ad win!

This year's Super Bowl may have been a rematch from four years ago between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, but in the shadows of the stadium lights, behind the roar of the crowd, was a rematch that's been going on since the first days the big game was televised: a rematch between the advertisers. Whether the multi-million dollar spots are your opportunity to run for a bathroom break or - if you're like me - to actually start paying attention to the TV again, chances are the famed Super Bowl ads mark at least some sort of milestone for you in the grander theatrics of the NFL Championship game.

So, whether you were grabbing a second helping of chili-dip or frantically joining the ad chatter on Twitter with the #brandbowl hashtag, we've got a recap of five of the shining and not-so-shining examples of Super Bowl ads striving for noteworthiness amongst their competitors. The winning team: 1. Chevrolet "Looks Like We Made It" 2. VW "The Dog Strikes Back" 3. Acura "Transactions" 4. Chrysler "Halftime in America" 5. Doritos "King's Court" 4. Time Warner Cable "Enjoy Better" 5. Century 21 "Tycoon"

Were you watching the game for the ads? Which was your favorite ad? We'd love to hear!

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