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Memorial Day party planning - simplified!

Memorial Day party planning - simplified!

Memorial Day honors men and women who died while serving in the US military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. For more history of the holiday, see our post from last year. Perhaps you're celebrating the holiday this year by throwing a Memorial Day party or BBQ. If so, we've simplified party planning by breaking it down to 3 main categories and offering 3 tips for each that will help you make your party a great time!


Memorial Day party cups
  1. Bright colored paper products (plates, napkins and table clothes) double as useful and decorative, and can be quite affordable, too. Be sure to check your local dollar store for the best deals. Store the silverware in style by decorating old soup cans, too.
  2. Centerpieces can be a cinch simply by picking up some common flowers (daisies or hydrangeas, perhaps?) and using mason jars as vases. Presto!
  3. Don't forget the American flags! A few throughout the party will remind everyone why this is such a special holiday and party!


Memorial Day party food
  1. BBQ is a must - hot dogs and hamburgers are mandatory to kick off the summer season! (Remember vegetarian options if necessary, too.)
  2. Food on a stick - we have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it! Check it out for some inspiration. These dishes are not just delicious, but fun too. (Who ever said food can't be fun?)
  3. Fruit and veggie trays are easy to make and good to nibble on throughout the day (and much healthier than chips and other salty snacks!) Want to match the theme? Make your fruit dishes with blueberries, strawberries and whip cream!
Memorial Day party fruit


Memorial Day party sangria
  1. Number one rule - don't forget plenty of ice!
  2. Stock up on water to keep everyone hydrated and have juice handy for the kids.
  3. Sangria is an easy and festive drink that you can make ahead of time and serve all day long. Here is a delicious and easy recipe to follow.
  4. Or, make a signature cocktail! Mine is usually of the margarita variety. This year I'm going with a watermelon margarita. This is also something I can make a big batch of ahead of time and serve in pitchers.
Memorial Day party watermelon margarita

Bonus tips!

Memorial Day party cornhole
  1. Break out the lawn games! Nothing like a little friendly outdoor competition to get the party started.
  2. Speaking of lawn, if you have some cardboard and spray paint, decorate the lawn itself with some festive stars.
Memorial Day party lawn stars

3. Balloons make any party pop! Put some on the mailbox so guests know where to find the party, use them as centerpieces or even tie them onto a few chairs. They're an easy way to highlight the red, white and blue theme, too!

Lastly, don't take on the whole hosting burden yourself: Be sure to ask guests to bring something if they're able to - whether it's a lawn game, a few extra chairs, or their famous fruit salad, every little bit counts!

What are your party planning tips? Please share with us in the comments!

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