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6 themed happy hour ideas

6 themed happy hour ideas

At House Party, we have a monthly "Thirsty Thursday" Happy Hour where each department takes turns organizing the festivities: drinks, decorations, etc. (Rest assured, we're all 21+). It's a fun way to let employees get creative while providing an outlet for friendly, informal competition and fun. Here are some we've done over the past year:

February - Funbruary

The most recent happy hour was lead by the Program Operations team and included nods to several holidays and events happening in February, including Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Groundhog Day, the OscarsR and even Presidents' Day (phew, that's a lot to fit into one theme!).

  • Valentine's Day - Turn a fellow employee into cupid and top it off with Limited Edition Red Velvet Oreos and treat bags.
  • Presidents' Day - Have someone dress as Abe Lincoln or George Washington. Add the message "You're Centsational" along with a penny to each Valentine's Day goody bag to incorporate this with the overarching theme.
  • The Oscars - Hang red carpet celebrity pictures and cover their faces to let people guess who's who. Set up a photo booth of props and a Polaroid or digital camera. Serve sparkling wine and Chambord to align both with the Oscars and Valentine's Day.
  • Groundhog Day - Make a giant chocolate Rice Crispy Treat groundhog! I got my inspiration from the look of this one, then made a healthier brown rice version using this recipe except I used the cocoa version of the brown rice cereal. Tip: make this the day of the event instead of the night before to keep it chewier. I used a simple powdered sugar with water icing for the teeth and eyeballs, an upside down peanut butter cup for the hat (kept it in the black wax paper), melted chocolate dotted on for the pupils, plus black licorice for the nose and hat brim.
  • All Together - Tie it all together with a large calendar titled "Funbruary" with all the events marked in kitschy ways (here, we taped a "Deflate-Gate" image on 2/1 and a silly "Over the Hill" George Washington picture on his birthday).
Funbruary = a celebration of all February holidays at once!

January - Frozen's "Let It Go" theme

The Campaign Strategy Director Team came up with the perfect theme to align with the freezing temps that month - Frozen! They played the movie in the background, wore silly hats to look like the characters, served toasted marshmallow shot glasses with Bailey's and blue ombre Rice Krispie's Treats. They also made sheets of inside jokes taking loving jabs at each other, along with the key saying "Let it Go" and also provided fill in the blank versions for a fun interactive component.


November - Throwback Thursday

The Sales Team brought in old-school Tab soda and other treats for their fun Throwback Thursday theme. They also asked everyone to bring in an old picture of themselves, then hung them up to go with the decorations. It was a great conversation starter to get people trying to guess who was in each picture - some were really difficult to figure out! This theme was such a hit that we redecorated one of our meeting rooms with the pictures and an old House Party logo canvas.


October - Halloween

Encourage employees to dress up. Hang spooky lights, set up a "puking pumpkin" with guacamole, chips, and veggies, plus pumpkin beer and spooky desserts.

B2B Team Halloween Happy Hour

August - Ice Cream Truck

It's fun to be a kid again, and what better way to experience that nostalgia than with ice cream truck novelties! Wear white and serve the treats on a push cart with the ice cream truck song playing, while wearing paper hats (print "ice cream" in blue below a thick line and tape 2 pieces together). We also provided dairy-free options, including chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, and toppings for a DIY ice-cream sandwich and sundae bar. Top it off with sangria popsicles and spiked milkshakes.

Ice Cream Truck Happy Hour

May - Cinco de Mayo

Our Creative Team set up a fun Cinco de Mayo theme, complete with homemade spicy margaritas, festive decorations and snacks.


What are some unique happy hour ideas you have?

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