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Frozen drink recipes...for adults

Summer just isn't summer without an opportunity to enjoy plenty a' frozen beverage. So, in this - the second installment in our guide to frozen, delicious drink recipes - we bring you some adult-focused frozen drinks to kick-back with and let the summer melt away (literally!) grapefruitmargb-x

Frozen Grapefruit Margarita: If there's any flavor associated with summer, citrus is it. And, while a traditional margarita (whether on ice or blended) can certainly hit the spot on a hot summer's day, this tasty recipe from delivers the flavor of a margarita layered with the tartness of grapefruit and lime!



Classic Pina Colada: This is a tropical classic and this list just wouldn't be complete without it. The sweet, creamy flavors of pineapple and coconut can instantly transport you (or at least your tastebuds) to the tropical beaches of faraway lands. Be sure to top it off with a pineapple wedge, some coconut flakes or even a simple and potent rum floater. Get ready to relax, slow down and soak up the sun.


Frozen Bellini: A twist (or rather blend) on a classic, the Frozen Bellini combines the soft and subtle flavors of peach with the bite and bubbles of champagne. This is tasty chilled, but we're pretty excited to try the blended version, too. (PS: There's a whole family of sparkling wine and juice mixers, whether orange juice, peach juice, raspberry juice or feel free to try out blended variations of them all!)



Beach Towel (perhaps the best name ever): Luckily, this tastes much better than cotton terry. Rum, strawberries, banana and heavy cream ensure deliciousness, if not unwanted calories.



Sgroppino: Hard to pronounce but luscious to imbibe, this Italian treat includes prossecco, vodka and lemon sorbet. Traditionally a palette cleanser, dessert or pre-dinner drink, but we think it sounds like just the thing to cool you off on a hot summer night.



Frozen Mudslide: More a dessert or milkshake than a cocktail, nonetheless, this amazing concoction does include alcohol. And it doesn't hurt that it tastes decadent. But thanks to Kahlua, whipped cream and ice cream, among others, it is divine.


BlueBayouBlue Bayou: If you're looking for something bright, look no further! This refreshing electric blue mixture is made with vodka and blue curacao and blended with flavors of pineapple and grapefruit.



Whiskey Sour Slush On top is a tart and tangy bourbon or rye sour and on the bottom is a a layer of rich red wine syrup, all churned in an ice cream maker for an even slush. You can stir in extra whiskey, or substitute the whiskey with gin or rum.

What are some of your favorite frozen drinks?

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