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Super-Sized Party Planning

When you're looking to throw a party for a larger group (say more than 50 people) it can be overwhelming! Where does one begin? I recently had to throw a party for over 100 guests and have a few tips to share to help you in those tough moments: Pinterest: Pinterest is a great place to get started! I scoured ideas on Pinterest for both the theme for my party and decor as well as just to see what inspired me. I also found it very helpful to use the images I liked as a great way to explain what I was looking for to the vendors (such as the florist) I was working with.

Pinterest is the perfect party planning resource.

Theme: Even if it's just a color theme, it makes planning and coordinating everything around the party so much easier! If you're throwing a party for someone, find out what their hobbies are or what their favorite colors are. It can help narrow down all of the other decisions you make if there's a central "theme" for your event.

Signature drink: Whether you're thinking about a cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink, a specialty drink for the party is fun no matter who's coming over and what you're celebrating. You can be an inventive host and come up with a brand new elixir to drink or do what we did and just rename an old favorite. The name is important so have fun with it!

Fun, colorful cocktails make all the difference.

Be organized: I like to think I'm an organized person and I typically keep most things straight in my head. But as a working mom trying to coordinate my family and their lives, my job AND the party details, Microsoft Excel became my best friend. It's ok if you don't know how to use Excel as it's pretty easy to learn to do basic spreadsheets for lists (especially with many free online resources). However, even simply keeping a lined pad of paper nearby in order to write everything down will really save you time in the end. Putting it down on paper not only saves you time but also, next time you go to throw a party, you'll have all your resources ready to go!

Out of Town Guests: We had a handful of out of town guests attending our party. So, we called a hotel in advance to coordinate a special rate for our guests so they didn't need to do the leg-work searching for hotels and rates. This made it easier to coordinate with those guests and they greatly appreciated it. We also put together small gift bags of water and snacks that we left at the hotel front desk so that the small care pack was waiting for guests upon check-in. Lastly, we included directions to the events as well as an itinerary in the gift bag so everyone would know what the plans were for the weekend. We appreciated their effort making the trip and these touches were small gestures to say thank you. We know our out-of-towners really appreciated it, so keep it in mind if you've got a portion of your guests traveling to your event!

There are many tips to share when throwing a party - no matter what the size. What are some of your best tips?

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