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Pomp and Circumstance - Graduation Party Planning

Congratulations class of 2014, now it's time to party! With these well-earned festivities in mind, we've got some fun tips on how to make your graduation celebration truly special. Let's start with the theme. Graduation party season falls right in the beginning of summer, which is perfect for partying. You can't go wrong with a classic BBQ or pool party. Our Barbeque & Picnic Pinterest board is a perfect way to start planning if you're looking for ideas. However, if you want to get more creative, have a look at some of these graduation themes from Punchbowl. They've listed cool tips including a Southwestern theme consisting of food like barbecue chicken, decorations like red chili pepper lights, and vibrant color palettes including bright reds, greens and yellows.

Next comes the menu, which I personally think is the most important part of any party. Who's with me!?

Pigs in the blanket are great for an appetizer and easy to make. Check out this recipe and try making your own. For the main course, consider putting together a sandwich and salad buffet so your guests have options and it's easy to please everyone! Write up a menu for guests with different sandwich versions they can try out.

For dessert, last year my friend made these amazing cupcakes which are so simple and festive. For the cupcake toppers just use inverted Reese'sR peanut butter cups, the squares of a Hershey'sR chocolate bar and on top of that add blue mini M&MsR.


Lastly, for graduation gifts, take a look at our blog from last year.

In addition, be sure to apply to our Party City Grad Bash we have coming up! Party City will provide everything you need to throw an awesome Graduation Bash. The Party Pack will include a $50 Party City Gift Card for party supplies, an autograph ball, confetti and more!

Are you throwing a graduation party? We'd love to hear all about it.

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About the author: Shana is a friend of House Party. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and concerts. Her party tip: Dessert, specifically chocolate.

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