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Get ready for a Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras, literally meaning "Fat Tuesday" in French, is a Christian holiday and has been celebrated for thousands of years, dating back to the Middle Ages. Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, but for most it's an elaborate festival filled with carnivals, costumes, and of course food and drinks. There are different traditions among regions, but the use of beads and masks are common among all regions. The colors green, gold and purple traditionally adorn much of Mardi Gras' celebratory accoutrement. Here are some great Mardi Gras party planning themes to help you feel just like you're on Bourbon Street!

  • Pancake Party: Another name for Mardi Gras is Pancake Day which symbolizes the one last hearty meal before fasting during Lent. And well, who doesn't love pancakes? Consider setting up a pancake bar like this one:


  • Bead Bash: Party411 lays out all the decorations, menus, games and party favors you'll need for this - all bead-themed.
  • Masquerade: Ask your guests to disguise themselves with a mask and throw a dinner party. Sounds mysterious and fun, doesn't it? Check out these awesome Masquerade Ball Pinterest boards to get some ideas.
  • Jazz it up: You don't have to worry about "over doing it" on Mardi Gras - is there even such a thing? Hang lights, streamers, feathers, and balloons all around your house to get a fun parade feeling. Be sure to play some jazz music to really get in the mood too!
  • Fat Tuesday: You can't go wrong with just having an eating and drinking theme for Mardi Gras - it is after all Fat Tuesday! Jambalaya and gumbo are popular main dishes and for dessert try bananas foster or even the extravagant King Cake.


The King Cake is a New Orleans tradition, it's round like a crown and has a plastic baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby inside their slice of cake, is named the king of the party. Lastly, to wash down your slice of king cake, try one of these Mardi Gras Cocktails. This New Orleans Hurricane, for example, looks fantastic. Will these be at your party?


Want more ideas? Check out these suggestions too. What are some of your Mardi Gras party planning ideas?

Image courtesy of Ashleigh Whitby

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