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Easy, affordable party favor ideas

A great party favor is the icing on the cake to a great party. Even something very simple can show your guests that you went the extra mile and really value the time they spent with you. In my opinion, the most thoughtful (and cheapest) favors are those that are handmade. Here are some simple ideas that you can consider making for your next party. But remember, if you don't feel like reading on, check out our party favor Pinterest board for some visual inspiration!

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Labels I'm a big fan of having every shape and size label handy. Using the provided templates, it's easy to print a party detail (Andy's 1st Birthday | 04.06.13) or even a small picture, stick it on anything (candy, a bottle of bubbles for the kids, a bag of goodies, etc) and - voila - you have a personalized favor!

Bakery items Baking is a very inexpensive and thoughtful way of giving your guests something tasty to take home. Cookies, brownies, or Rice KrispieR treats can fit nicely into a small favor bag and look great if tied with a colorful ribbon.

Bakery party favor tip: Cellophane CD envelopes make great packaging for a homemade cookie!


Candy If you don't have time to bake, grab a few bags of candy, simply distribute them into some favor bags and tie with some festive ribbon for a fast favor. If your party has a theme, try to stick with candy wrappers that match the colors and use ribbon that matches as well. Or, even better, you can fill the bags with M&M's in specific colors or even personalized with words or images if your order from the site.



Favor bag station Here's an idea: Make the favor a party activity! Gather some brown paper bags, markers, stickers and the like and make a station for kids to decorate the bags. Then, have a candy bar with a selection of sweets set up where they can pick some of their favorites to put in the bag, tape up nicely with some colorful tape and it's a nice grab bag for later.


For some fancier ideas, like homemade limoncello or the s'mores kit featured just above, check out this article. There's a world of favors that awaits!

What do you like to give guests as a parting gift? Share your own party favor ideas, we'd love to hear them!

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