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How to decorate for your House Party

Decorations for your House Party can really put your guests in the mood to party and try out the product or service you're featuring. But with the focus of a party usually on the food, activities and guests, sometimes decorations are an afterthought. Here are a few ways to deck out the house easily and inexpensively to get you - and your guests - in the mood to party!! Party Theme Every party needs a theme! Sometimes House Parties come with their own theme, like the SodaStreamR Fizz & Football SuperBowl House Party, Zatarain'sR Mardi Gras House Party or the Redd'sR White & Blue-BQ House Party. So, an easy way to expand on that theme is to get the essentials, plates, napkins, and silverware that complement that theme and the brand colors. This can be done very inexpensively by visiting your local dollar store and purchasing the goods in the party's colors. We've seen some amazing ways that hosts have integrated colors and the party theme into everything from lighting to bathroom soaps, so nothing's off-limits. Show us what your creativity is made of!

Downloadable Favors Not only does a House Party host receive a Party Pack full of goodies (and often decorations are included, too) but there are always fun downloadable digital party favors that can serve as great party decorations, too. First and foremost, the Welcome Sign is an essential party decoration. There's also typically a sign with just the party or brand logo displayed - available in Party Favors - so you can print it out and post around your house to keep the theme of the party throughout the setting.

Party Planning Guide We also provide you with a great Party Planning Guide on our site - so don't forget to reference it! It's complete with ideas and a break-down of how to prepare for your party week-by-week. We'll walk you through it! There's also a great section on decorating that offers a few tips for mood lighting, centerpieces and more. In addition to the guide, our House Party Pinterest page has great visual ideas for party planning and decorating. Don't blame us though when hours have flown by as you pin to your heart's content!

Wait, Where's My...? Whether you're serving soda or tequila, cup labels are a great idea so people don't lose their cups throughout the party. Let's be honest, a tasty beverage is a necessity at any party and likely one of the first things any host is conditioned to ask their guests if they'd like. So, given the drink's importance, grab a sheet of labels, print the party or brand logo on each and put out some markers for guests to decorate their own label. This doubles as a fun activity and decoration and ensures no one will lose their cup! You can also use these stickers on favor or doggy bags. You can also amp it up a bit by having a "Most Creative Label" contest. Sit back and watch the creativity take-off!

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Balloons I'm a big fan of balloons - grabbing a few helium balloons at the party store can go a long way: curl the ribbons and let them decorate the ceiling or tie a few around the house to chairs, banisters, or even your mailbox outside to let people know where the party is. After all, how does a balloon not make any party better??

Photo Opp Wall art is a great functional decoration also. The best example of this is a 'Step-and-Repeat Wall' and it's a cinch to make. Simply print 8.5x11 sheets with the party logos and it becomes a great backdrop for party photos. Many House Parties also include this as a downloadable favor as well, so that makes it even easier! These 'Step-and-Repeat Walls' give the look of the red carpet and can really give an added flair to those memorable House Party photos with your family and friends.



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Festive Food Food can also double as decoration. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, take some of these very creative cakes that hosts have created in the past as inspiration!

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What are some decorating ideas you want to try at your next House Party?

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