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Love it or loathe it: making the best of New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a very polarizing holiday (if you can call it an actual holiday). Some people love NYE, seeing it as a night of fun, excess and glitter. Others find it an overrated, overpriced and overdone night that creates false expectations and never delivers on the promise. Danielle and Liz are two such people. So we decided to let them share why they Love or Loathe New Year's Eve. Liz - Love it!

Happy Shoe Year!

I love New Year's Eve for three reasons: sparkly shoes, champagne and fun! I've done everything from staying home and having a delicious Greek meal with my husband, to a New York City club party, and I love it all! This year we're going to a steakhouse with friends and I can't decide which sparkly shoes to wear, but I have a few more days - and so do you! If you need some shoe inspiration, here are some ideas! Why do you love New Year's Eve?


Danielle - Loathe it

See? New Year's Eve makes everyone grumpy!

To me NYE is like Valentine's Day. If you have someone in your life it's a great night to end the year and start anew. If you're single, it can be depressing or just pressuring to come up with plans for the BEST NIGHT EVER. And while I've had plenty of fun NYE's both single and coupled, to me it's just another night and frankly I'm happy staying in, watching movies and ordering food. I can drink champagne and wear sparkly shoes any night (and I do!) so really this night is just an excuse for restaurants to charge you a lot of money. Ba-humbug! And I'm not the only one who hates NYE. There's evidence and even some justification and support for us haters here, here and here.

Why do you loathe NYE?

*Photo courtesy of The Official Grumpy Cat Facebook Page

New Year's Eve Preparations

Merry Christmas!