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Throwback Thursday: summer gift baskets

Summer is a time when people come out of hibernation full force to gather with loved ones, and there's always a reason for a BBQ or party. You don't want to show up empty-handed, so consider putting together a gift basket for the host. You may recall these ideas I blogged about last year, but I've also come up with four more ideas below, inspired by you! And as always, you can also browse Pinterest for additional ideas.

"Popping by" gift basket

Watermelon basket

  • Simple and creative, the receiver will appreciate this healthy, classic summer treat. Get as creative as you want with the garnish - adding a mixed variety of fruit and flowers around the base, like this, really turns up the sweetness.

Road trip basket

Fun in the sun

What other summer gift baskets do you enjoy putting together?

The best summer ice cream

Create your own family traditions