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11 game ideas for family game night

In this digital age, it's nice to take a break from technology and get the family together for a good old-fashioned game night. I grew up on board games, and to this day I'm still a fan. Here are some of my top favorites that span a wide range of ages and playing levels that I'm sure your family will enjoy, too: Board Games

  • Scrabble - This classic tiled crossword game doesn't get old and it's fun to see the crazy words people try to get away with.
  • Words with Friends - This new-school spin on Scrabble includes a few differences (like no penalties for trying to play made up words!) and can be played as a board game, online, or as a smart phone app.
  • Quelf - A silly game that will get you laughing as you and your opponents perform comical tasks along the rainbow brick road (for example, ever try balancing a set of keys on your head until your next turn?).
  • Life - Where else can you become a pro athlete, raise five kids, and then finish first, all with the flick of a wrist? This oldie but goodie now comes with a modern twist, offering up Life Zapped, a version that incorporates your iPad to provide funny videos along the ride.
  • Telestrations - This combo of Pictionary and The Telephone Game is especially great to play for pure entertainment value and no sore losers.
  • Bananagams - Similar to Scrabble but more fluid and fast-paced, the apPEELing nature of this game will drive you bananas!
  • Taboo - This fast-paced game keeps you on your toes as you try to get your partners or teammates to guess a word without saying any of the clues.


  • Egyptian Ratscrew - While it has a funny name, this speedy game is best to learn amidst all the action and it can easily build your fast reflexes.
  • Spoons - This is great because it truly is an all ages game and all you need is a deck or two of cards and a few spoons (or a substitute object).
  • Uno - There are so many alternates now, but consider busting out the simpler classic version for a great way to pass the time.
  • Spot It - A favorite game for a quick activity to test your matching skills, it's especially fun for both children and adults and very portable. Plus, it comes in many variations.

If you love to try different games but don't want to invest in them without trying them first, keep an eye out for game related House Parties on, or check out a game night Meetup near you.

What are some of your favorite games?

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