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Thermal Stones: have your drink on the rocks...literally

As you may know from my earlier posts, I love being creative with cocktails and impressing guests with a fancy or new recipe. When I discovered these thermal stones, sometimes called whiskey stones, it was a game changer. These non-porous, odorless and tasteless stones keep drinks warm or cold without diluting.

Thermal Stones

Just pop them in your freezer for 1-2 hours, then in your drink to enjoy a cocktail or cordial that gets chilled, but never loses an ounce of its punch. Or for warm drinks, place the rocks in the microwave for 60-90 seconds and they'll keep your coffee or hot chocolate warmer longer.

Thermal Stones

Not only are they functional, but the rocks are great eye candy in a cocktail. When you're done, simply rinse them off then stick them back in the freezer to chill again.

This week these reusable thermal stones are available at 65% off on House Specials. So, grab them quick - supplies are limited!

Thermal Stones

Need some ideas for some tasty whiskey cocktails to try these out on? Here are a few delicious concoctions to give a go.


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