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Single on Valentine's Day? Throw a Party!

It will very soon be the season when "love is in the air." We should rejoice in this expression because since it is in the air that means it is not confined to vases filled with red roses, bottles of red wine or just candlelight romantic dinners. So let's take our cues from the Greek and Hebrew languages where together, there are sixteen words for love, encompassing meanings like "being with friends," "preferring something" or quite simply, "taking delight in." In other words, let's plan a party! Here are some Valentine's Day party ideas:

Eat your Heart Out Don't eat your feelings, eat for fun! Who doesn't love to eat, on any occasion, so why not make a party of it? Serve festive food in heart shaped-dishes and decorate your home with hearts. Check out some fun pinterest heart-shaped food ideas and some from Here are Valentine crafts and decorations from you may want to take a look at too!

Matchmaker Throw a single's mixer, where every guest must bring a member of the opposite sex. Serve a "love potion" cocktail and give out Valentine fortunes cookies.

Ex-orcism For those Valentine-haters (don't worry - we've all been there) have an "Anti-Valentine's" party.

Make a mix with anti-love songs and wear any color but red. If you're trying to get rid of an ex, today can be the day. Get together with your friends, throw out all items that remind you of that ex, and let go.

No reservations Stay in and have a girl's night. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be depressing, instead of renting a romantic movie, watch a comedy. Celebrate over wine and chocolate, or cook a special dinner for your girlfriends. Another idea would be to have a themed night - such as a costume night or a tea party.

Guy's night Single guys can celebrate on Valentine's Day too, right? Have a wing night, drink some beers, and play those videogames that your ex-girlfriend always hated.

Kids Invite other kids. Kids don't get caught up in partners and looking to another person to make them happy. Their love will be contagious in no time. Make sure you have a theme, such as Disney or superheroes, and entertain them with a kid's craft.

For a Cause Host a party where guests gather and write Valentine Cards for the less fortunate. You can also ask you guests to bring different items to donate to charity in your local area. The love you take away on doing a great deed will more than exceed the love you make.

Pet Party! Animal lover? This one's for you! Celebrate how much your pet means to you. Here's an article for cute pet gifts to give your dog or cat. Invite other animal lovers over to bring their pets too.

Remember, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just for couples, it's a great day to enjoy with anyone important in your life. What are some of your single Valentine's Day plans?

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