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Boo-rific Halloween Party Ideas

It's that time of the year again! Time for sweatshirts and pumpkin picking and spooktacular thrills! I live in a log cabin on a lake - a natural fit for a Halloween Party, so our house has become the annual Halloween party spot. My husband and I don't take this responsibility lightly - we decorate every inch of the house and yard to ensure some scares, but more importantly, to guarantee a good time. Halloween Treats

Last year I made mini cupcakes, but this year I'm going to try out the ever-so-popular cake pop. I found a great website that provides tutorials on how to make the pops. I'm going to try the Smashing Pumpkins recipe myself. Check it out for yourself - I dare you to find a cake pop that doesn't look ghoulishly good!

Halloween Fare

Last year we made this awesome pumpkin (above) to hold the guacamole and I've learned that the food is all about the presentation. Put any dip in a pumpkin bowl for a Halloween twist or use Halloween cookie cutters to cut out cheese, fruit or veggies.

Taste of Home has some great recipes. I'll be trying the Pumpkin dip and Jack-o'-Lantern oranges myself. Take a look for some easy, festive recipes.

Halloween Cheers

Grenadine is a great ingredient to have on hand for cocktails to give them a dark red tinge and gummy worms or candy eyeballs usually work well as spooky cocktail garnishes.

The Food Network has some great cocktail recipes for Halloween and I especially like a few of their pumpkin-themed recipes.

If you're feeling a little adventurous, this Pumpkin Sangria looks absolutely delish.

These Pumpkin Jello Shots are definitely something we'll be making at our party this year. I love the addition of the cherry in the center!

Something for the kids: a non-alcoholic witches brew recipe.

This brew is easy to concoct with just lime gelatin, water, pineapple juice and ginger ale. Add a cauldron and dry ice to give it an extra creepy kick. Don't miss the full recipe.

I hope some of these ideas will help you plan a great Halloween party. And for some alternative tunes to the typical Monster Mash, check out Rob's post from last week. For more Halloween ideas, check out our Pinterest Halloween board.

Please share any Halloween party tips you have here and have a very happy and safe Halloween!

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