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Olympics Opening Ceremony: Host a viewing party

What better excuse is there to host a viewing party than to leverage the excitement of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony? The Olympics are taking place in London and kick off on July 27th! Invite the gang over and use these ideas score some gold. Food - Try these Olympic-inspired nibbles, which can all be prepped ahead of time:

  • Olympic veggie platter - Cut a ring out of yellow, green and red bell peppers, white onion (soak the ring in blue water), and an eggplant, so you have five different colored rings. Cut a slit into each ring and strategically interlock them to mimic the Olympics logo. Place this in the center of a large veggie tray for an award-winning presentation.
  • Baked quinoa crusted onion rings - Crunchy and tasty, these healthy onion rings can be made ahead of time and frozen to easily pop into the oven as guests arrive. Tip: substitute gluten-free flour to make these allergy-friendly.
  • Energy balls - Play on the athletic theme and try these energy balls for a simple, nutritious treat - no cooking required!

Drinks - Quench your guests' thirst with these easy beverages:

  • Big Ben brew - Put a spin on one of London's most popular buildings with this fruity, sun brewed, ice-cold tea .

  • Olympic punch - Concoct your own punch using various fruit juices, sherbert and lemon-lime soda, no recipe required. For guests 21+, add some alcohol if you'd like. Just remember: no javelin throwing in the house.

Decorations - Set the tone with these fitting decor elements:

  • Hang printed flags from various countries around the room
  • Tiki torches will help extend the Olympic theme to your backyard well after dark

  • If you have an actual American flag (or your country's flag), hang that up as well and show your pride!

Activities - Provide a variety of activities that can be set up near the TV as well as outdoors. These ideas capture the essence of the summer Olympics games:

  • Speedy sails - Set out supplies for guests to make paper sail boats then race them in a kiddy pool. Provide markers for people to get creative naming their boats and consider using old paper or magazine pages for an eco-friendly option.

  • Mini basketball game - Set up this game a few feet from the couch, or set up a clean, stand-up laundry basket for people to aim at.
  • Squirt gun shootout - Prop a dry erase board on a table outside and mark the shooting line on the ground with tape. Draw a row of targets on the board and lay a squirt gun out. Count down and whoever can squirt away their target image first, wins.


Are you planning to watch the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony? What's your favorite part?

Image courtesy of Flickr.

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