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4th of July party planning, recipes and more!

With the 4th of July coming up this Wednesday, here's a collection of some of our shared and favorite resources for last-minute party planning ideas, recipes, decorations, music and more! Fire up the grill

  • Our YouTube playlist "BBQ Time!" has some tips and recipes - even for dessert!
  • Flatbread pizzas are surprisingly perfect for the outdoor chef. Check out Larry's amazing dishes for inspiration!
  • Even though the festivals that Brian listed are in the past, check out the recipes he listed at the bottom of his post. Oh, and the festival sites have recipes and inspiration, too!

Dessert time

  • Food Network has a recipe for every meal, but I've noticed they have tons of desserts right on their 4th of July page.
  • Pinterest has a plethora of desserts to choose from if you search "4th of July desserts." We pinned 4th of July by category on our boards!
  • Come back to our blog on July 4th to see a battle of the cakes between Brian and Larry!

Alternative diets

The whole party planning package

What are your go-to cook-out recipes? Do you use family recipes, or do you search for something new online? Share your secrets with us...and have a great 4th of July!

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