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Who wears the wedding pants?

If you've read my previous blog entries, you'll notice that I've written about football twice and college basketball once. So, if you know this, you've likely picked up on my love for sports and my love for being a 'dog dad' to my pup Ferguson. Believe it or not, I'm going to write about another love today - a much different kind of love than blog entries past. My fellow blogger Liz recently posted some helpful tips for her upcoming wedding. Well, she's not the only person in the office getting ready for a wedding. MINE IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!

I actually agree with pretty much everything Liz wrote about, but her post, like most talk of weddings, often comes from a woman's point of view. I wanted to bring a new angle to the wedding roundtable discussion and deliver you some thoughts from a guy's perspective.

Since my fiance will eventually read this, I want to start off by saying that this process has actually been pretty smooth. I won't lie, there were a few hard decisions that had to be made, but they were few and far between.

I know every relationship is different and I have sat through enough 'Say Yes to the Dress' episodes to know that the vision of your wedding for each person involved can be very different, but I will try to explain my approach because I think it worked for me and can work for others.

First off, this is "her wedding." Yes, I do have a rather substantial role on April 14th, but I think the bride-to-be should have the ultimate say. When it comes to flowers, colors, "the vision" and all of that, my fiance has really carried the torch. I've gotten involved in more of the logistics - the DJ, our website, the bar, transportation, blocks of hotel rooms, etc. I've tried to help out as much as I can behind the scenes, but the spotlight, the ultimate say, has been hers.

A complication to our wedding, that we're surely not the first to experience, is that we're getting married over 700 miles away from where we live. The key to making this work from afar is finding great people to work with. Sure, the distance made it a little bit harder, but if you find people you have complete confidence in, you'll be fine.

Lastly, the critical piece of advice that I can give lies in a motto; 'we're only going to get married once - so live it up.' Unlike a birthday, it's only going to be your wedding day once (or so you hope), so don't get too caught up in the small stuff. A new favorite response of mine to my fiance in this last month or so has been, "Ahh whatever, that sounds good." That phrase encompasses all my above advice. Don't mistake that response as me not caring - it's actually the exact opposite - I do care a lot, but I'm also smart enough to know who's in charge.

What are some of your tips on handling a wedding from a guy's point of view?

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