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Excessive Celebration: Super Bowl XLVI

On Monday, I gave some basic advice to follow when selecting your 2012 Super Bowl viewing location. By now, you should know your plans for Sunday. Whether you're a host or a guest, you can and should, have some major input into the party structure on Sunday. This year, I'm heading over to my buddy's house for a gathering of roughly 8-10 people, which is the perfect size in my eyes. No matter where you're going, see if your host can implement some of these ideas to make this year's game one you'll never forget. Tailgate - In the initial email announcement from my Super Bowl party host, he said he wasn't yet sure what time "the tailgate lots would open." He's only referring to his driveway and backyard, but why not bring a stadium-like tailgate atmosphere to your house. Start the party early, have a few sodas, and let the games begin: corn hole, lawn darts, boat races, pong, whatever your part of the country enjoys - make the Super Bowl an occasion to bring them back for a February fiesta.

Score Square - If you're like me, your team hasn't played in the Super Bowl since 1992, which means you don't have a direct rooting interest. But with a Score Square, you will. For complete directions on how to set this up, check this out but just know that it will engage even the least football friendly attendee.

Where the Buffalo Roam - Maybe it's just me, but there need to be multiple Buffalo-flavored items at your party. Fortunately for you, there are tons of options. I'd recommend some (or all) of these items:

* Wings - duh! * Buffalo chicken dip - amazing * Buffalo chicken tenders - cleaner than wings * Buffalo chicken pizza - like 2 of my favorite things in one

I even have friends who dip their burgers in Buffalo sauce...seriously. Just have a bottle or two of Buffalo sauce on the ready and you can't go wrong.

Be a team player - The host of your party has already agreed to clean his house before you arrive and they have to clean when you leave, so do them a favor and bring a side dish. While everyone might not be a great chef, I bet you can make one item that's pretty good. Encourage, or even mandate, that everyone has to bring something to just have more food than necessary.

I'm curious, what dish do you usually make to bring to a Super Bowl party?

About the author: Mark is a friend of House Party. Mark held a number of different roles during his four years with the company, most as the Community Support Director. This basically meant his job was to make sure all our hosts and guests had everything they need to throw an awesome party. Mark was born in Washington D.C., grew up in Burke, Virginia and currently lives with his fiance, Dani, and his rescue pup, Ferguson. He's an avid sports fan with his unbreakable bonds to the Washington Redskins, Capitals, Nationals and Davidson Wildcats. Mark's party tip: Two Words - Sunday, Funday!

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