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Don't Be A Super Bowl Party Foul

A couple of times every football season, my fiance asks me a very simple question, but one that comes loaded with implications - "Want to go over to so-and-so's house to watch the game?" Most people would simply respond 'yes' and consider the plans booked. For me, it's not that easy. You see, I played football for many years and follow the NFL closer than I keep up with my current wedding plans. When my significant other asks me that question, my mind immediately starts to wonder: What size TV do they have? Is it HD? How many people are going? Am I going to have to stand? Perhaps I'm a little bit obsessed and high maintenance,but believe it or not, I'm not alone. As you make plans to host a Super Bowl party or decide which one you're going to attend, here are a few factors to keep in mind to make sure the football fanatic in your life stays happy this Super Bowl Sunday.

Down In Front - Whether you're hosting or attending, you don't want to be standing. Every Super Bowl party needs to have adequate seating for every guest. No exceptions. These seats need to have a quality view of the TV. Some people will be watching the game while others watch the commercials - but nobody should be watching from their own two feet. The only time I want to get up is to grab my 13th and 14th buffalo wing.

HDTV - Listen, if I showed up to a Super Bowl party and realized the host was planning to show the game on 'standard definition,' I'd already be in the car home before the 7-layer dip came out. Don't even think about throwing a Super Bowl party without a High Def (HD) TV. Or a flat screen. A non-HDTV Super Bowl is like celebrating Halloween without candy.

Chatty Kathys in the back - While seating is an absolute must, positioning might be even more important. I remember missing nearly all of John Madden's call of his final Super Bowl because I was sitting next to two "friends" who couldn't stop chatting about celebrity gossip. I love my friends, but enough with the chit-chat during the big game. Try to allow your football fanatics prime seating and encourage your "casual" fans to partake in the 'cheap seats.'

If you follow these three simple principles, the football fanatic in your life will give you credit for doing your homework before the big day!

Be sure to check back on Super Bowl Sunday for some last minute party ideas and tell us what your musts are for a great game day viewing party.

About the author: Mark is a friend of House Party. Mark held a number of different roles during his four years with the company, most as the Community Support Director. This basically meant his job was to make sure all our hosts and guests had everything they need to throw an awesome party. Mark was born in Washington D.C., grew up in Burke, Virginia and currently lives with his fiance, Dani, and his rescue pup, Ferguson. He's an avid sports fan with his unbreakable bonds to the Washington Redskins, Capitals, Nationals and Davidson Wildcats. Mark's party tip: Two Words - Sunday, Funday!

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