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Traditional Anniversary Gifts & Ideas

Traditional Anniversary Gifts & Ideas

Buying the perfect anniversary gift for my spouse is something I put a lot of thought in year after year. I want to make sure he will like it and that it has that special meaning. For someone like me, who got married only two years ago; I think it's a really cute idea to try to think about a unique gift each year. has a great list that you can refer to for up to 60 years of marriage. Below is a quick go-to summary of anniversary gifts you can buy for your loved one on your anniversary. Have a look and, of course, let us know about special anniversary gifts and celebrations that you've had in the comments below!

1st Anniversary: Paper

paper anniversary gifts
  • Buy some beautiful new stationary and a Pen and write a lovely letter that your special someone will keep forever.
  • Give or make a book of romantic "love coupons," redeemed for back rubs, chores or other favors.
  • My husband likes to read the newspaper each Sunday morning. Take out a full-page ad in the newspaper wishing your husband or wife a happy anniversary.

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

cotton anniversary gifts
  • Buy your partner a shirt that has their favorite team, rock band, hobby or movie.
  • Buy some cute pajamas for both of you to wear.
  • Treat your sweetheart to a comfy robe and put an extra gift in the pocket.
  • At a local shop or craft show, find a handmade quilt - a piece of art they can snuggle up in.

3rd Anniversary: Leather

leather anniversary gifts
  • Give a bracelet of braided leather.
  • Consider giving them a blank leather journal and write a cute message on the inside cover.
  • For a woman, she would like a new pair of leather shoes or handbag. For a man, go with a nice new leather wallet or leather money clip.

4th Anniversary: Fruits/Flowers

fruits and flowers anniversary gifts
  • Make or buy some chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Bring home a bouquet of white roses and one red one. Then add a note.
  • And, of course, you can always re-create the bridal bouquet!

5th Anniversary: Wood

wood anniversary gifts
  • If you're more active, you can take a nice hike in the woods on the day of your anniversary.
  • If you have a yard, plant a tree. Over the years, you can watch it grow.
  • If you are more artistic, you can carve you initials in the tree in your backyard and set up a nice picnic in front of the tree.

6th Anniversary: Candy

candy anniversary gifts
  • Try to make your own candy and spell out Happy Anniversary with it.
  • Buy your special someone their favorite candy and make a nice candy basket.
  • Give a box of gourmet chocolates, and replace one of the chocolates with a surprise - like jewelry!

7th Anniversary: Wool

wool anniversary gifts
  • Learn how to knit and make a sweater or a nice scarf.
  • Buy a pair of wool slippers or socks your sweetie can get cozy in.
  • If you want to spend a little more you can always splurge for cashmere.

8th Anniversary: Pottery

pottery anniversary gifts
  • Make an ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree for the next year.
  • Take a pottery class a make a nice flower pot. Then plant a nice flower or seeds.
  • Buy a ceramic sculpture for the front yard or garden.

9th Anniversary: Wicker

wicker anniversary gifts
  • Pack a wicker picnic basket with all of their favorite foods and enjoy a day in the park.
  • Buy a pretty wicker basket and put all their favorite things in it - a perfect care basket.
  • Buy wicker furniture for the yard or patio.

10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

tin and aluminum anniversary gifts
  • Give them an old-fashioned metal lunch box that has their favorite show or movie on it.
  • Send them popcorn or candy in a nice tin container.
  • Buy them their favorite coffee and buy a re-usable tin container for future packs.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

crystal anniversary gifts
  • Pick out a sparkly brooch or other jewelry.
  • Give a single rose in a pretty crystal vase. Crystal candle sticks is also a great idea.
  • Get a crystal wine glass or beer stein engraved with a monogram or wedding date.

20th Anniversary: China

china anniversary gifts
  • Get a mug and add a picture of both of you from your wedding day on it.
  • Buy a new China set that you can use for your loved ones everyday or during the holidays.
  • If you like cappuccino, buy them a custom cappuccino set they can use is perfect.

25th Anniversary: Silver

silver anniversary gifts
  • Buy a pretty silver pen and engrave it with a beautiful saying that has meaning for the both of you.
  • Buy a pretty silver ring or cuff links.
  • Give them a silver piggy bank with a cash surprise inside.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

pearl anniversary gifts
  • Buy a pair of beautiful pearl earrings. They come in all different colors.
  • Watches are a good options with a mother-of-pearl face on them.
  • Give them a mother-of-pearl vase or picture frame.

35th Anniversary: Coral

coral anniversary gifts
  • Buy a fish as a pet and put coral on the fish bowl for it to swim around.
  • Buy some clothing or jewelry on coral for your special someone.
  • When you think of coral you think of the sea, so take your significant other to a seafood restaurant for a lovely dinner.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

ruby anniversary gifts
  • Toast in a red wine glass with some red wine.
  • Give them jewelry of rubies and rose gold.
  • Keep it healthy and send a basket of ruby red grapefruit.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

sapphire anniversary gifts
  • Buy your loved one some Sapphire jewelry or cuff links.
  • Buy a frame that has a sapphire design in it and put a picture of the both of you in it.
  • Buy a pretty blue vase with their favorite flower.

50th Anniversary: Gold

gold anniversary gifts
  • Give them a gold watch, bracelet or necklace.
  • But them something they always wanted and wrap it up in a gold ribbon.
  • Throw a party and make the color theme Gold.

60th Anniversary: Diamond

diamonds anniversary gifts
  • Buy jewelry with diamond accents.
  • Upgrade her engagement ring with a bigger diamond.
  • Buy a huge bouquet of sixty diamond white roses.

There are still so many unique anniversary gifts out there. I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest. If you want to get a head start, you can always develop an Anniversary Gifts Pinterest board. Put all your ideas together there and you won't have to scramble when its time to buy or make that special gift. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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