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Winter Instagram Profiles You Should Be Following

Winter Instagram Profiles You Should Be Following

Meera and Brian here - and we're here to share some of our favorite winter Instagram profiles with you. We've had a pretty mild winter here in the Northeast with - get this - 72 degrees on Christmas (thank you, El Nino)! So, even though winter's begun to catch-up recently, we've been looking to Instagram for a bit of winter inspiration. Whether it's beautiful, sweeping landscapes, delish, cozy foodstuffs or city scenes with deep shadows, all of these are among our selections. So, scroll through and check out some of our faves and be sure to drop us a line in the comment section with some of the fave Instagram profiles that you follow, too!


Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever your preferred social media platform, social media drives a great deal of today's day-to-day decisions. It's funny to say this out loud, but these days, I personally rely on Instagram as a frequent source of inspiration and comfort. Sick of the same old food? Browse Instagram. Want to check out a cool cafe? Browse Instagram. Need travel ideas? Check Iinstagram. Need a wardrobe refresh? Check Instagram. You get the pattern.

Not all of us love the cold temperatures winter brings, but strangely enough, I rely on Instagram to gain inspiration during these few chilly months. We might be spending a lot of time indoors, but that doesn't mean we can't still be active and still be exploring.

Here are two Instagram profiles I rely on for inspiration between December and March:



A photographer from Germany - this Instagrammer travels the world with his wife Galina, and he not only takes beautiful pictures, but edits them to give them a surreal touch. I love the first photo because he inspires me not only to look at the neighborhood around me, but also to try to look at it with a different eye. (He also inspires me to travel more/plan trips!)



Another IG I love to follow during the winter months is @hungrygrls- I'm a huge (self-proclaimed) foodie- and I look forward to going (indoors) to new food spots all over NYC, on cold winter evenings and weekends! These girls point me to some cool places.


My interpretation of "winter inspiration" is a bit two-faced. I love to scroll through scenes of winter wilderness, rosy cheeks and cups of coffee with creatively-crafted foam on Instagram as much as anyone. However, after having lived for more than a decade in Minnesota, my winter inspiration also requires motivation to outlast the cold and imagine the land and days of warmth and solace.

What does that mean? It means travel and adventure...that doesn't necessarily have a single thing to do with temperatures south of 60 degrees. (We all have our methods to make it through the tough days of winter, right?) So, among my selections you'll see a smattering of Instagram profiles from travel bloggers, outdoor photographers and adventure sports figures.

Here are eight Instagram profiles I rely on for inspiration between December and March:



Onder's Instagram posts are a great example of how a moment can be so perfectly captured in a photograph. While centered in Instanbul, he travels the world and has an amazing eye for composition that just pulls you into that moment...and away from the chills of a wintery train platform or street corner. From landmarks, landscapes, food and people, his shots are top-notch!



This is included since it appeals to the New Yorker in me. Wonderfully epic shots of New York City (and other locales) in formidable fashion, heavily contrasted, structured and crisp. Some of these are ones you'll want to blow-up and frame.



Three words: Gorgeous. Winter. Landscapes. #thatisall



Beautiful nature and camping shots. He does a fair amount of work in the snowy wilderness being partly tied to Vancouver. Love those "from the tent" shots looking out to the corner of the world he's currently in. Typically, a snowy wonderland lately.

instagram profiles


Samuel has a bunch of photos that are similar to the above Instagram handle, just with a few more human subjects in them and some beaches thrown in. Beaches that are oh-so-timely! (When's the next vacation day??)

instagram profiles


I'm just going to let Chris's shot from Lofoten, Norway speak for his work. Enjoy...



Jimmy is an extreme athlete, a master technical mountaineer and National Geographic photographer. These are pretty beefy pre-requisites for an outstanding Instagram handle and his posts don't disappoint. Sweeping, breathtaking and often confounding ("How did he get that shot? Hanging off a mountain?" Yes, yes he did. That's what he does.) Amazing.

instagram profiles


Theron Humphrey's Instagram posts are rustic, wholesome and nearly always involve his dog. And, after all, what could possibly make a winter photo better? You guessed it - a dog.

So, what winter Instagrammers (or Instagrammers in general, for that matter) do you find your self double-tapping and enjoying. Inquiring minds want to know!

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