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Fall and winter home decorating tips

Fall and winter home decorating tips

Fall and winter are absolutely my favorite seasons. The leaves start changing colors and there is a chill in the air that puts a smile on my face. As soon as those first leaves fall, I gleefully go into my closet and put out all my favorite holiday decorations. I try to remain tasteful and blend all my everyday decorations with my fall and winter ones to present an overall festive and classy feel.

Tip #1: Focal spaces

They first thing I do is take a boring white bay window and add some sparkly pillows and my cute silver owl. It adds just a little something to the room.

winter home decorating window

Tip #2: Flowers

Flowers are always a great way to add a little pop of color to any room, too. I usually like to buy yellow, orange and purple flowers and use my green vase that I got at West Elm. West Elm has great decorative items for the fall and winter and are worth checking-out!

winter home decorating flowers

If you don't flowers, you can always by faux flowers. These ones that I found actually light up, which looks really pretty in the corner of my dining room. While subtle, the lights really make it stand out.

winter home decorating fake flowers

Tip #3: Throws and blankets

Throws and blankets are another great way to add patterns and colors to any room and are essential to fall and winter home decorating. They're also great to use when you get a little chilly in the fall & winter. Who doesn't like to snuggle-up with some hot cocoa, a good movie and a warm fuzzy blanket? Answer: Nobody! I personally like grays and blues. Both HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx are a great stores to find the perfect throw.

winter home decorating throws

Tip #4: Candles

I love flame-less candles. You can put them any room in your home to add a little flare. I like adding them in my bathrooms when I have a dinner party. This way my guests don't have to search for the light switch int he dark.

winter home decorating candles

I also added these 3 larger tumblers to my fireplace. I put flame-less candles in them to make them glow at night. It really looks beautiful.

winter decorating tips fireplace

I hope you enjoyed my fall and winter home decorating last tip I just thought of though. PILLOWS!! Pillows are a great way to add color and pizzazz into a room without changing anything. There are some wonderful pillows at West Elm are HomeGoods are once again just the stores to visit to find pillows perfect for your place.

I hope this fall and winter season are warm and wonderful and that these tips come in handy sprucing your place up for the festive season. We'd love to hear your fall and winter decorating tips, too - so be sure to drop them in the comments for us and the community!

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