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Back to School: Fashion, Products & Trends Not-To-Miss

Back to School: Fashion, Products & Trends Not-To-Miss

Now that fall is approaching, back to school fashion and trends are emerging. As usual though, they're unique and different from preceding years: some trends are new and others are a blast from the past. Regardless of your style, there's something for everybody to embrace as the temperatures dip and the leaves begin to fall. Here are our top 10 back to school trends for fall 2015:

1. The '70s, '80s and '90s are back!

back to school fashion

This includes wide legged jeans, high wait bottoms, plaid shirts and crop tops. Some of you are probably really excited about this like I am. But others might have to adjust to this new trend. Whether the 70s, 80s and 90s are decades that you're still wishing to escape or looking to relive, this is a fun excuse to live a bit of fashionable history!

2. Over-sized Totes

back to school totes

Backpacks are so yesterday for the ladies. It's all about the over-sized totes. You can carry your school books, laptop, lunch and anything else you need to get you through the day. This isn't the old Jansport of years passed, this fashionable edge kicks-up the sophistication this school year.

3. Patterns and prints on everything

back to school patterns and prints

Prints have always been a big trend for spring. Not anymore...there are going to be more edgy patterns and floral print for fall believe it or not. You'll see them on shirts, pants, socks, shoes and on all accessories. So get ready to be printed and patterned-out.

4. Loud and Vibrant colors

back to school vibrant fashion

We are used to darker hues for the fall. Not for 2015! Yet again, you'll see this fall bucking the typical autumn trend. You'll be seeing brighter colors - especially neons. If you're someone who likes to wear a lot of darker colors; a nice pop of color is really refreshing for a jacket or even a jean. So, while you don't have to commit to neon as the main staple items if you don't want to, you can always let your accessories speak loudly instead.

5. Casual Trendy Sneakers

back to school trendy sneakers

Who doesn't want some comfy shoes to wear all day. Put away those heels and get a pair of some trendy sneakers. These puppies are going to be more fashion forward this fall. You'll be able to pair them with anything in your wardrobe. Fashionable and functional? Win!

6. Graphic T-shirts are all rage

back to school graphic tees

T-shirts with pictures have always been popular. But for fall 2015, you will see more with positive messages. Reading a positive message in the morning is a great way to start the day! And sporting a positive message for others to read is even better!

7. It's all about the pouch!

back to school pencil pouch

Every student needs a pouch to keep all their pens and pencils protected and in order. For fall 2015, the pouches are more versatile. Not only will it secure all your pens, but you will now have room for mobile device, money and more.

8. Combat boots?!

back to school combat boots

Didn't I mention earlier that a bunch of retro styles are coming back? Well, include combat boots in that, too. There will be more styles, colors, and heel sizes to choose from to allow some versatility and personalized looks. You will also see floral on boots too!

9. Fun notebooks

back to school notebooks

Each year you see more notebook covers that will fit anyone's style and budget and this year's no different. You'll find some that are colorful, informative, funny, trendy and more... We found some great ones like these above at Word. Notebooks. Check 'em out!

10. Chambray is back!

back to school chambray

Chambray has been making it's way back each season; but especially for fall. You'll see chambray shirts, pants, jackets and accessories. This is another big retro trend for fall.

So, those are our top ten. It's a broad variety, with some expected fall standards that are getting updates and some non-traditional moves that are sure to make a splash. What trends in fashion and products are you falling for this back to school fall season?

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Making the most of the transition to fall...

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