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Labor Day Vacation: Make it a 'stay-cation'!

Labor Day Vacation: Make it a 'stay-cation'!

Retail stores have had back-to-school gear for weeks, talk of the football season is madly swirling about and nighttime temperatures are beginning to dip for many of us. Add all these things up and it's obvious: summer is officially waning. While kids may rue summer's exit (while parents likely celebrate it!), this time of the year is marked by a holiday that we all hold dear, Labor Day. For many, Labor Day is that final time during the summer to pack up the car or head to the airport for a memory-making family trip. And while we're always up for travel, we thought we'd give you the top 4 reasons that this year should be the year that Labor Day vacation is a 'stay-cation'.

1. Use Your Time Wisely

labor day vacation time

Ok, so while Labor Day is a wonderful holiday, let's just all agree that it doesn't exactly afford folks a lot of time to plan a trip, travel and unwind. Sure, if mom and dad can arrange for vacation days leading up to it that helps, but Labor Day is one of those occasions that can quickly descend into a disproportionate amount of preparation, travel, and schlepping to actual enjoyment. So, before you lock your family into a trip around Labor Day, do the modest calculation of how much time will be spent making memories versus managing logistics! The stay-cation or, at most, day trip can go a long way to maximizing the amount of enjoyment you can squeeze from a 3-4 day weekend.

2. Don't Poke the Bear

labor day vacation frustration

Were it not plainly obvious, this is strictly an adage. (Ahem...we absolutely do not recommend poking an actual bear.) Ok, now that the lawyers are happy, what do we mean here? Well, around such a short period of time and with likely a lot going on for all members of the family (juggling out-of-the-office time, kids heading back to school, etc.), often if something can go wrong it likely will. Now, don't get us wrong - we're as hopeful as anyone that Labor Day plans will go smoothly, but it's often not the case. From traffic to moods, Murphy's Law lurks waiting to strike at any moment.

Each member of the family has things on their mind and this can sometimes make hours of time sitting in the backseat of a car or waiting in an airport during a layover, well...arduous. So, why not stay in everyone's comfort zone this year and stay close to home? If friction arises, everyone - the kids especially - are comfortable in their surroundings and have their space to cool down and escape. #EveryoneWins

3. Show a Creative Side

labor day vacation creativity

A stay-cation affords you and the family to get a bit creative! Since there's still a "...cation" in there, why not have fun with the family converting the house into a relaxing theme together. Why not bring the feel of the beach or a far-away tropical paradise to your home? Now, we're not suggesting getting out in your yard and building an at-home beach, but break out the small touches that make it feel like a themed-vacation, from activities to meals and more. Take a fun art trip to Paris or a delicious tour of China from your own four wall. Sound crazy? Well, the imagination can accomplish a lot and it's a ton of fun for the kids to see this playful side of their parents, too. Plus, it'll give a fun, vibrant layer to the house and neighborhood, one that as school kicks-off will likely become a bit more chaotic and stress-filled.

Decoist has some great suggestions for ways to spruce-up your stay-cation to make the most of it. And even suggests a twist on the stay-cation: Get a family friends involved and trade places for the weekend.So, there are numerous ways to get creative in the space that you may feel all-too-used to.

4. De-Emphasize Your "Labor"

labor day vacation relaxation

This one's a no-brainer, but certainly still worth a mention. Labor Day was originally enacted by Congress in the late 19th century as a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. And so, we certainly should take time to reflect on the meaning of the holiday and the countless sacrifices and toil that brought about it's existence and our nation's prosperity. While we're doing this though, while you may be errand-running and executing the never-ending logistics of parenting, ensure that you take some time to yourself and appreciate the holiday for what it is.

You deserve a break and while it may not be a huge vacation, a stay-cation might just feel like exactly the escape you need right now.

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