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Indoor workout apps: no more excuses

With winter fast approaching, many of us tend to hibernate from exercising and come spring, we've got the requisite 10-15 pounds to show for it. But just because it's harder to get outside to be active doesn't mean you need to slack on fitness. And you shouldn't! Remember a faster metabolism keeps you warmer, so shuck off those extra sweaters and check out these great indoor workout apps to get your sweat on, anytime and anyplace. No equipment needed. 7min


The 7-minute workout

This free workout app is exactly as stated: 7 minutes long. Anyone can find time for 7 minutes during the day. It actually counts down for you and even shows you the simple, yet effective exercises, like push ups, sit-ups and the like. It even includes options to add additional or replacement exercises, and of course, you can do it more than once for a longer and even more robust workout. Available in the App store and Google Play store.



Workout Trainer

Another freebie, this app offers guides from expert trainers including step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions and the trainers even encourage you along the way! It has options for body weight workouts or if you have weights available, it can show you options to include those as well. Pick from thousands of workouts and even create and customize your own. Available in the App store and Google Play store.



Daily yoga

With yoga being an indoor workout, you truly have no excuses, but if whether you are a newbie or a veteran, having an app guide you through various flows can definitely be motivating and helpful. This app accommodates all levels and yes, can even get you moving if you only have 5 minutes to spare. Available in the App store and Google Play store.


Virtual Runner

Virtual Runner

If you prefer hitting the streets when it's nicer outside, being stuck indoors on the treadmill to get your run in can be a drag. Virtual Runner can help keep you interested as it takes you virtually to some of the most iconic race courses. Once you download the app, select which course you'd like to run. Download the video to your iPad or iPhone, hop on the treadmill, press play and start running.



Zumba Dance

I love Zumba classes, but if you don't have a chance to get to a class, or you're maybe snowed in, try this great app to bring the class to you - no DVD player required! There are three pre-programmed classes: Party, Exhilarating and Pulse-Pounding. You can purchase 20- to 60-minute routines. Learn basic steps with the tutorial mode and stay motivated with the progress tracker, which helps you create your fitness goals and tracks calories burned. Available in the App store and Google Play store. I also really like the Zumba Fitness games for Wii, if you have that gaming system at home.

indoor exercise apps

Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym

Gyms make a ton of money on the notion that you need an extensive set of equipment to use to really work your body out, and while weight training can certainly be a beneficial component to overall health and fitness you need not have a gym, home gym or any of that. That's where this app comes in! Truly, your bodyweight is plenty of mass to use to conduct some great isotonic and isometric exercise workouts. This app is a great visual guide to how to do these exercises in your own home and it catalogs your workout history, too. It's filled with tons of great reviews and we're excited to be using this more and more as the temperature outside drops and drops!

Those are just a few of the apps that we're using to help keep us on-track and away from slacking on the fitness front this winter. What tips, tricks and apps do you find useful for keeping off the winter pounds?

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