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3 tips to fully prepare you for Black Friday...guaranteed

As Thanksgiving nears we all begin to put the finishing touches on our menus, abodes and plans for the holiday. Yet, just as quickly as the warmth of the Thanksgiving holiday has entered the picture, so too has the avalanche of offers, deals and maxed-out hours retail stores are now offering the country over. Black Friday looms more impending on the Thanksgiving holiday than ever this year, with many retailers blurring the line between Thanksgiving and Black Friday and luring shoppers out of their homes before many others have even sat down to a warm Thanksgiving dinner itself! So, with the shopping wars being waged in parallel with the Thanksgiving holiday itself, we consider it our job...nay, out DUTY to arm you with three tips to defend yourself from the shopping frenzy that this Black Friday now holds in store.

Tip #1: Fuel your frenzy

Our hope is that you've made sure to have a chance to get some good Thanksgiving grub first-off, even if you're headed-out to comb through the miles o' aisles. Hopefully you're waiting until Black Friday's crack-of-dawn madness to attack the stores, so be sure you put those leftovers to good use! No sense in grabbing crummy fast-food or standing in yet ANOTHER line for a bite to eat as your energy begins to fade from shopping. Save time, save money, save sanity! Pack a sandwich or have those members of the family who might be sticking close to home whip-up a fun recipe that repurposes the leftover Thanksgiving bounty.


Tip #2: Technology is your friend

Any edge a shopper can gain during these all-out shopping days can be a huge help. Remember that smartphone in your pocket or purse? That sucker is your key to figuring out everything from the best prices you can find, to loyalty shopping points, to getting charity to benefit from your purchases, or even simply work-arounds for traffic jams heading into the mall. Well, that sounds like a lot of tips, but who wants to do all that research on apps and whatnot? Well, we've done that already, so you don't have to. Just check-out our "Best Holiday Shopping Apps" post to plan-out your go-go-gadget shopping tricks.


Tip #3: Don't go OUT to shop!

I know, I know...this one's obvious and I seem like I'm being snarky - but I'm not.

The truth is, projections show that some of the best deals will be had online and, to that end, many will be available not on Cyber Monday but on Thanksgiving. Yep, that's right. So, do everything you possibly can to plan gifts accordingly and you could find yourself sitting cozily on the sofa, fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot cocoa at the ready and your computer helping you steer well clear of those crazy crowds. With so many online retailers offering free shipping and slashed prices, you've got every reason to ride-out the storm from the comfort of your home with the smell of Thanksgiving dinner still wafting deliciously through the air.

Now what store can match that??

Ok, what is your game plan for this year's Black Friday mayhem?


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Like to blog? Guest blog for us!