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6 monthly subscription boxes to love!

"Ooh, a package?! Addressed to meee?"

We all know that feeling that comes over you when a package is delivered and it's got your name on it - sheer joy and mystery! What's in it? Who sent it? Am I expecting something?

Here at House Party we're experts on that, since we get to watch thousands and thousands of you express glee on our site and social media when our Chatterboxes and Party Packs arrive at your door. (In fact, getting the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this enthusiasm is a pretty delightful reward of working here!)

However, we're willing to admit that even though our packages really are the best (ok, ok - outside of ones from mother dearest), there are some other pretty swell packages that you can receive, too. We're talking about the monthly subscription boxes that have become all the rage in the last few years.

The premise is simple: pay a monthly fee to one of these programs and, depending on which one you choose, you can receive samples of products and coupons - ranging from cosmetics to fashion, and doggy treats to gardening goods, - every month. There's a veritable cottage industry that's popped-up around this service and we're going to break-down eight of our favorites for you here!

For Her


One of the originals and still one of the best. This beauty subscription service costs a mere $10 and includes 5-7 items and samples of beauty products. You complete a profile telling them what you like, what type of skin you have, your routine etc., and they customize your box based on that. It could include new brands and established brands, makeup, skin care, vitamins, hair care and more. You can complete reviews on the products and if you like something, they give you a discount to purchase the full sized item. Plus, they have a men's box, so your man won't be left out.

That's a lot for $10!

For Him

subscription box programs

For the gentleman or bachelor in your life that's up for cooking and trying some new flavors, but perhaps could use a bit more to work with than the sparse bread and peanut butter which may be their only current supplies, there's Each month a crate (yes, a small, manly wooden crate) arrives with manly goods (jerky, spices/rubs, etc.) for your fella to dabble in "Artisan American" eats without having to do all that shopping. For $75/month, he'll be eating more elaborately than ever and begin peppering-in his new know-how into conversation. Pun intended. (Also check-out for a bit broader set of "dudely" goods.)


Dollar Shave Club

subscription box programs

"Shave time. Shave money." So goes Dollar Shave Club's tagline. Immediately, you realize these guys don't take themselves too seriously. And with their hysterical company intro video from 2012 having received nearly 17 million views, you could easily argue they're a bit of a sensation, too. The idea is simple: Stop going to the supermarket or drug store and spending lots of hard-earned dollars on expensive razors, cartridges and men's facial accompaniments. It's an unadulterated, low-cost, low-fuss solution for one of your guys' staple morning activities.

For Fido



If you love your dog, you will love BarkBox. I promise. This monthly box of dog goodies comes with it all: toys, treats, accessories, etc. Each box is a great value (usually with over $50 worth of products per box) and they customize the goodies to your dog's size, so the toys and treats are perfect. Plus, all the treats are organic, so you can feel good about giving them to your pup. Here's how the pricing works:


I love this box because Willow (my pup) gets to try new treats and we can learn what she likes. We've found some favorites this way, and the ones that she doesn't care for I pass along to our other four-legged friends. She's not picky about toys though, and she has loved tearing open the box to reveal what new toy she gets that month. Still not convinced? BarkBox donates 10% of their proceeds to dogs in need. Now that you're sold, try BarkBox today and save 10% on your order by using this link! PS - makes a GREAT gift for any new doggy owners, too!


For eaters

Nature Box

Because I do CrossFit, many devotees also follow a healthy lifestyle. But finding healthy snacks is not always easy. This $19.95 (less if you pre-pay for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) monthly service offers great snacks and treats that might be hard to find if you don't have a local health food or natural food store. From nuts and seeds to granola, bars and dried fruit, there's something for everyone. They even have curated boxes for kids, the office, fan favorites and more. And for every box they deliver, they donate one meal through Feeding AmericaR to help the millions of Americans who go hungry. So you can eat good and feel good at the same time.

For...well, just because.

Did you know that you can also subscribe for items you buy regularly through Amazon? Think toiletries, coffee, diapers, pet goods, etc. Everything you subscribe for comes in one box, monthly, shipped free! And if you subscribe for more than 5 items at a time, you receive 15% off your entire order. A great idea if you're looking to save some time at the store.


So, there you have it a snapshot of the world of subscription box services and the splendor that comes with their monthly delivery. Which one fits your style? Already subscribe to one? Let us know which one and give us a review in the comments below!


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