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3 ways to use your car in non-conventional ways

The average commute time to work is 25.4 minutes, so think about how much you could accomplish in that amount of time if you could do more than just driving! car commute map

In this on-the-go society, why not tap into free energy through an unlikely resource - your car! Here are alternate ways to use your car in new ways:

  1. Exercise - I met a friend's 60-year old coworker who had killer arms. She revealed that she lifts weights in the car! Keep a dumbbell on the floor and grab it to do bicep curls. So instead of sitting frustrated in traffic or at long traffic lights, you'll be getting buff! Plus, you can turn up the tunes and blast the A/C. People may give you funny looks, but you'll probably make someone's day and maybe even inspire someone else. Plus, check out Carpool Karma, an audio CD that guides your through physical and mental exercises to optimize your time in the car.

car weights

  1. Dry clothes - If you don't have a backyard or area to hang wet clothes outside, consider drying them on or in your car. I live in an apartment and needed to dry a pair of jeans in the sun that had smelled a bit moldy from sitting damp in the hamper. I heard that washing them with vinegar and air drying in the sun would get rid of any mildew smell. I don't have my own backyard to hang them in, so I thought, why not lay them on the roof of my car? Even though it looked a bit silly, it worked!

car jeans drying

car jeans dried

  1. Bake cookies - Doing the above inspired me to think of other ways to use my car. I've read about people baking cookies in their car and I love to bake. With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time to harness the power of the sun. I whipped up a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies (egg-free too, which also settles any worries about eating raw egg if the cookies didn't bake properly).

car cookies baking

It was on a 90 degree day and I used regular baking sheets, 1 sheet lined with parchment paper, 1 lined with aluminum, then let them bake for 5 hours (4 hours may have worked). They turned out perfect, plus my car smelled delicious afterwards!

car cookies done

While any reason that yields cookies is worthwhile, another couple things to keep in mind about baking these tasty treats in the heat of the summer, it's an effective way to keep your home cooler since you don't have to turn on your hot kitchen oven. (Having your cookies and eating them too, right?) Plus, if you're running out of space on the home front when you're preparing food for a House Party, your car acts as an "extra oven."

Those are just a few fun, practical ideas for using your car for a lot more than just driving. What great lifehacks do you know your car to be useful with?

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