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How to make your clothes more versatile

The more often you wear pieces of clothing or accessories, the more cost-effective and valuable they become. Here are some tips and tricks to wear your clothes in unusual ways to get the most bang for your buck - and get creative - while still looking great! 1) Wear a skirt over a dress for a 2-piece look

Layer a dress from day to night

2) Wear a dress over skinny jeans. Sometimes it gets chilly at night, or maybe you're going somewhere more casual but want to get dressed up a bit - just layer a tighter fitting, shorter dress over skinny jeans and top the look off with heels and jewelry. If the dress hits past your mid-thigh or is flowy, cinch it off with a belt.

3) Convert a shirt into a skirt. This works fairly easily with stretchy tube tops.

4) And vice-versa, convert a stretchy skirt into a shirt. Choose a knee-length or slightly shorter skirt with a stretchy fabric and elastic waistband. You can make this a casual look or dress it up, depending on your accessories.

I call it a I call it a "skirtop" since it's both!

5) Act like a kindergartner and wear your shirt backwards! It may sound odd, but it could make a big difference in the look you're trying to achieve, without looking as weird as you might think. I have a loose-fitting ruffled v-neck blouse that I wished had no v-neck sometimes so I could wear a long necklace. I tried turning it around, topped it off with a slinky necklace, and realized it still looks good. If the back bothers you, wear a cardigan over it. You can also try tucking the ruffles in on the blouse to make it into a chic tank top.

Backwards, but fashion-forward

6) Turn a pashmina or scarf into a skirt by laying it flat and wrapping it around your waist, secure it with a few large safety pins from the underside and keep the flap shut with the help of some fabric tape.

7) Wear a shirt over a dress for an alternate look. This is a great way to take a dress from the typical night look to a more casual day look. Be careful with proportions and fit. If the dress is a bit looser on the bottom, wear a closer-fitting top for balance. If the bottom of the dress is tighter, consider a looser top and throw on a necklace and a cardigan for a more layered look. Wear it with flats or boots to dress it down, or heels to dress it up.

Wear the same dress different ways, year-round.

8) Add an extender piece to the back of a necklace to lengthen it a few inches if you want it to hit your neckline differently depending on the outfit you're wearing. I sometimes use a simple black pipe cleaner or wire, which is hidden by my hair. Jewelry can be the center of attention when it comes to an outfit, so why not try to get more versatility out of it to get the most mileage?

Extend the possibilities

9) Roll your maxi dress down, add a tank top and wear it as a long skirt.

10) Take a lightweight summer scarf and tie a knot every few inches for a "beaded" necklace look.

Scarf to necklace craftiness, paired with a black Scarf to necklace craftiness, paired with a black "skirtop".

What creative ways have you changed up your wardrobe?

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