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Ask "Reconstructing Amelia" author Kimberly McCreight a question

We're so very thrilled to reveal that Kimberly McCreight, the author of this month's House Party Book Club selection, RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA, is going to answer your questions. We pulled some strings and found someone who knows someone, and viola(!), Kimberly enthusiastically agreed to contribute! (Cue the happy dance!) So whether you're reading RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA for this month's book club, have already read it, or even if you've heard about it and want to read it, post your questions in the comments below and where we'll compile them and have Kimberly do her best to answer as many as she can.

Questions need to be posted by 5pm EST on Monday June 2. Kimberly will then answer them in a follow-up post here on the House Party Blog on June 4.

Sincere thanks to Kimberly McCreight - We can't wait to see what questions you come up with for her!


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