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Pack your bags: Beantown (aka Boston)

Boston, locally pronounced as "Baaaw-stin" and know the world-round by its pseudonym, "Beantown", has cultivated a rich and oddly alluring culture. While, of course, the city played a pivotal role in the birth of our nation, it has also grown into a thriving metropolis and an appealing destination for vacationers. While Boston recently suffered an horrific terrorist attack, it's very apparent as a visitor how vibrant and resilient the city and its people truly are. While I had the chance to visit Boston many years ago (oof, it hurts to be able to now use that phrase), I recently had the opportunity to visit it once again while on a trip to meet some of my soon-to-be family (for the backstory on that, be sure to check out my proposal post) and couldn't wait to see what about Boston had changed and stayed the same.

To be honest, I remembered Boston from years ago as a bit of a historically-infused, brick-constructed and seafood-indulging town. Beyond that, sadly, the years had eroded the vibrance of much of the details of my family's travel exploits. So, to enjoy it with my soon-to-be family was exciting, fun and eye-opening. So, without further ado, here are a few of my top places on the trip to consider including in your trip to Beantown...

Boston Common:

Charles River:

Faneuil Hall Marketplace:

*Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: (Ok, well full disclosure on this one: We actually didn't make it here, but we really wanted to and now need to plan a return trip!)

Are you from Boston or very familiar with the city? We'd love to hear from you about your Boston 'Top spots'!

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