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Summer Manicures: An Interview with a Manicure Insider!

Summer Manicures: An Interview with a Manicure Insider!

Every woman I know loves to treat themselves to manicure. It makes her feel fabulous. The interview below with a Nail Technician that has over 30 years of experience gives you (or your lady) all the ins-and-outs she'll need for her next trip to the nail salon!

What made you decide to become a nail technician?

Manicure Insider: I love to work with people and wanted to make people look and feel good. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry.

What trends are you seeing in terms of nail shape for summer?

Manicure Insider: Pointy nails are on trend.

What are the most popular nail shades for summer?

Manicure Insider: Light blues, Bright pinks and purples!

In your opinion, what is the top nail color of every summer season?

Manicure Insider: Peaches, corals and pinks.


As far as nail shape goes, what is your favorite look?

Manicure Insider: I love the square shape with the edges a bit smoothed over.

What's the craziest nail art you've ever done?

Manicure Insider: 3D version of a different flower with rhinestones on every nail.

Where do you stand on gel manicures?

Manicure Insider: Gel manicures are quick and there is no drying time needed. That's what people love about them. But, they do make the nail weak and brittle. (So, be careful!)

What's your secret for treating your nails in the summer?

Manicure Insider: You need to hydrate. Drink lots of water. You can also use cuticle conditioners and oils. Coconut oil is great for the skin.


Is there a way to remove self-tanner from nails so it doesn't affect the manicure?

Manicure Insider: The only way is to use gloves when applying self-tanner in the summer. ;-)

During the summer time, what do you suggest to keep your nails looking fabulous?

Manicure Insider: Maintain your manicure by getting one on a weekly basis. You should also moisturize the cuticles and hands every day.

Do you always match your toe color with your finger color?

Manicure Insider: Usually I don't see a lot of people matching since they usually get manicures more frequently then pedicures.

What is your best tip for maintaining a manicure so it doesn't chip in a few days?

Manicure Insider: Put another layer of top-coat on within 1-2 days of your manicure.

About our Manicure Insider:

Our manicure insider is a nail technician that has over 30 years of experience.In her free time she enjoys taking care of her family and long walks in the park.She loves to entertain her family and friends in her home at least once a week.Manicure Insider's Party Tip - You can never have enough food when having people over. She always over cooks and hands out extra food to all her friends and family to take home with them.

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