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The 4-1-1 with: Joe Monti

The 4-1-1 with: Joe Monti

In each installment of The 4-1-1, we interview a different member of the House Party Team, asking the big questions that are on everyone's minds. In this one, we're chatting with Joe Monti, our VP of Finance. Joe joined House Party about a year and a half ago and ever since, we've grown fond of the facets he brings to the company and the fun culture around the office! Whether he's working hard with our executive management on planning and strategy, embracing his inner John Wayne with a Nerf gun or even engaging in the #IceBucketChallenge, Joe brings very strong finance skills, marketing acumen and excitement to the office each and every day.

I recently sat down to chat with Joe about his experience here at House Party and what makes him tick.


You're our VP of Finance here at House Party and business strategy and financial forecasting/planning is at the heart of your role. When did you know that business and financial strategy were what you wanted to focus on in your career?

While at my first job after college. It was a sales analyst role working for a maritime shipping company that was very numbers heavy. I had graduated with a Marketing degree, as I had always been somewhat of a creative person, and thought that working in the creative part of business would be a great fit for me. However this role seemed very interesting; analyzing commodities that ship from various ports, our market share of those commodities and what action we could take to drive more share. It really made me recognize the importance of data and the work that goes into analysis to produce insights that can drive performance. I enjoyed that work and it got me thinking about a more long term career in numbers...what better than finance which is immersed in them!


You're an enthusiastic father of two. What's the best part of being a dad?

I really get a kick out of my kids perspective on things. How interested they are (usually) and their innocence is refreshing. Christmas is a great time of year for that. The first snowfall of the's a nuisance to most adults. My kids were pumped. Writing to Santa, leaving reindeer food. It just makes you re-evaluate things, makes you view them in a different light. Also just playing with them is fun! We're on a big indoor soccer kick right now...indoor soccer in the living room...drives my wife nuts!


Your secret life as a master balloon animal artist & magician* was revealed in the last year. What prompted your interest in developing these skills? (Side note: When can we do internal training sessions to pass those skills around?)

Haha. I put together a few events in the past where I'd hired a magician as entertainment and people were just enthralled. There was just a crowd of people that would follow him all over the event and the joy and excitement it brought to these grown men and women was just so much fun to see (myself included). He was just brilliant and I was hooked. I emailed him for some amateur tricks to learn and he got me started. I like to take up hobbies that I can get some mileage out of and with my kids the balloon animals seemed like it would be fun. It's great, especially at kids' parties.


*Evidence of this skill became apparent to us here at House Party one fine day in May, when we started seeing these little guys around the office. And then, soon after, Joe began taking requests!


What's your white whale among balloon animals? (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Poor choice of analogies, I realize.)

Haha. I'm always getting "Make me a bicycle clown!!" Haven't done that one...yet. I was at a party recently where they hired a balloon artist and he made a working balloon bow and arrow. That was cool, I'm going to learn that one soon!


If you had a superpower it would be ____.

Always a fun question. The power to travel through time. It would be a lot of fun. I would only use my powers for good...or would I?!?


You're stranded on a desert island, but you can bring three things. What would they be? (Excluding a Gogo-Go Gadget helicopter, of course.)

Unlimited beer, a kindle with every book in the world ever written, and a survival knife (that's the practical finance person in me).


What company haven't we worked with that you'd like to see us work with? Why?

I think we'd be a great fit with some of these non Network/Cable TV companies producing their own shows like Netflix and Amazon. Would be a ideal way for them to generate buzz.


If you could hop a plane with a free ticket anywhere in the world, what would your destination be?

First thought that comes to my head is Kauai. I honeymooned there, on the North side and it was just so peaceful. Lots of hiking and trekking you can do there as well.


This or That?

    1. Apple or PC? PC
    2. iPhone or Android? Android
    3. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
    4. Mountains or beach? Beach (close one)
    5. Cats or dogs? Cats
    6. Ski or swim? Swim (like both a lot!)
    7. Half-full, half-empty or it's just a glass doing it's job? Just doing it's job, don't just sit there...drink from it!
    8. Nachos or wings? Wings!


What's the best TV show that you've become addicted to in the last year...

A bit embarrassing but SUPERNATURAL. They have 9 seasons on Netflix and I watch it while I'm working out. I'm a Sci fi/fantasy's right up my alley.

Got any questions for Joe? Post them below and we'll see if we can tear him away from his spreadsheets to answer them.

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