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5 FUNctional Office Makeover Tips

5 FUNctional Office Makeover Tips

Late last year we decided it was a good time to give the House Party office a little makeover. Throughout the project we had fun researching, combining our ideas and bringing them to fruition! So, having learned a fair amount in the process about making over an office, we wanted to share our results and tips for any room makeovers you might be eyeing.

1. Start with a plan

We have an internal employee group, called the "Home Team", who volunteer to work together to innovate ways to boost morale in the office and keep the culture fun. This office makeover project was an enjoyable and exciting undertaking for the team to work on in the new year. We started by creating a shared Pinterest board to pin any ideas we each thought would work well, then met to narrow down our ideas, set a budget, and track the costs and ordering responsibilities in a Google Drive document. This really helped us collaborate freely, organize ideas and decide together how we wanted to make them a reality.

2. Small adjustments can equal big impact

Think about how the office space is used. Are there areas with good potential that aren't being put to good use? This is what we found in a few areas of our office, so we simply moved and rearranged some of the furniture, while bringing fun elements into those spaces and renaming them to encourage people to use them. This included moving a few desks out of one large cube area to convert it into a more laid-back work environment called "The Lounge," which includes a massage chair, bean bags and a few games.

The front reception area was also not being used to its full potential, and our kitchen does not have a good place for folks to eat lunch together. Given the layout of our space, we recognized the front area could transform into the perfect place for coworkers to mingle for lunch and office celebrations; it just needed a boost. So we recreated it into a space called "The Hangout" by removing the desk, moving an existing couch, table, and chairs there and adding pops of color with inexpensive Chinese lanterns and a multicolored rug to tie it all together. To top it off, we had a large House Party logo mosaic created to hang above the couch, which is made up of some of the great community photos. We also found a super deal on a TV and mini beverage fridge to give it a homey living room feel. We are "House Party" after all!

hangout before

3. Research and compare deals

We ordered a few additions, such as bean bags, massage chair, TV, beverage fridge and shopped around. is a good option with shipping usually only costing $3, or Amazon, where shipping is often free for orders of $35 or more. Also, ask around - we had a few coworkers who had items they no longer used that worked well in the makeover, including a TV stand and some Wii video games.

4. Add playful touches

From a giant-sized checkers game to a mini Foosball table and desk toys, consider items that employees will use and appreciate as ways to take mini de-stress breaks, bond with colleagues, harness healthy competition and increase creativity.

hangout hall

5. Have fun!

Don't shy away from color. Think of unique ideas that will add function AND personality to your work space. As you can see, we certainly brought in some bright colors to the House Party office, while keeping it professional. One of my favorite meetings spaces we refreshed was a space we now call "The Den," which made full use of items we already had around the office, simply rearranged, and adding in images from our childhood which we all brought in from a past happy hour. It's like our "family album"! We added an old House Party logo canvas for decoration that fit the "throwback" theme.


What are some ideas you have to spruce up your office?

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