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It is December "Refer-a-Partier" Sweepstakes Time!


We're proud to announce that Julianne M. from Springville, NY is our lucky "Refer-a-Partier" Sweepstakes and House Party VIP Pass winner. Way to go, Julianne!

Stay tuned to the blog, because we'll be having more fun programming like this coming in 2015!

Holiday celebrations are always more enjoyable the more friends and family you have taking part. (Ok, so it might mean a few more dishes to wash, but even so.) After all, home is where the heart is and there's no more poignant a month where this is evident than December.

So, with that in mind, we thought we'd bring you a fun way to take the idea of combining family and friends with a sweepstakes that could win you a House party VIP Pass and end 2014 with a bang. That's what led us to create our December Refer-a-Partier Sweepstakes!

Here's how it works:


1. Head over to our Facebook Refer-a-Partier Sweeps tab and sign up.

If you're a current House Party member, simply fill out the House Party Email and House Party Username under the section entitled "For existing House Party members." Not a House Party member yet? That's ok, fill-out the top portion of the entry instead.


2. Then, click to make sure you're over 18, agree to the Official Rules and then hit "Continue".


3. Lastly, follow the instructions on the next screen in order to finalize your entry.

You do this by sharing your unique referral link with friends and getting at least two to sign up. Once they've done this, you'll be able to "unlock" your finalized entry!

Once at least two of your friends - who aren't House Party members - have signed-up using your unique link, your entry is finalized and you're in-the-running for a House Party VIP Pass. (You know, that House Party "golden ticket" that allows you to pick a House Party or Chatterbox campaign in the next year that you'd like to be picked for*!)

So, 'tis the season to gather with friends, celebrate and WIN. Go sign up and get your friends signing up to help you out. If you win, they may just be the lucky guests you're inviting to the House Party you get to choose with your VIP Pass!

Party on and win on!

*Please keep in mind that you must meet our customer's recruitment criteria in order to be selected for an Event (i.e. age verification for alcohol events, event geographical restrictions to name a few examples of recruitment criteria).

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