House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends. We provide the fun, you provide food, your friends and feedback and promise to have an amazing time.

Check out the House Party mobile app!

We're proud to announce the official full release of the House Party mobile app for both iPhone & Android devices! So grab your smartphone and get ready, because the House Party you know and love just got more convenient, exciting and fun!



The House Party mobile app is perfect for hosts and guests of House Parties as well as participants of our Chatterbox programs, too. In the app, both House Party hosts and Chatterbox participants can easily post, share and view photos, videos and conversations, communicate seamlessly with other participants and complete their activities. Members are able to even update their profile information with a few taps of their finger.


All your activities stored and updated for you on-the-go!

Applicants in the running to be House Party hosts are able to set up their party as soon as they're notified that they're in the running to host as well as manage their guest list and communicate directly with their guests, too.


Get ready to setup your party on mobile!


Quickly and easily check your Party Details.

Hosts and guests of House Parties can now check-in to their parties on Party Day and easily post and view photos, video and conversations from their own or other parties.


Snap a photo or video and share it. Easy-peasy!


View and scroll through all the photos and videos from the events!

For us, one of the best things about working at House Party is that we get to talk with members just like you on a daily basis to help make the experience continually better. So, when you bring ideas to us about how we could improve, we're all ears. We know that finding a way to fit all that you love about House Party and Chatterbox more easily into your active lives has been something you've been looking for and so have we. Many of you have had some very specific points about how we could make your experience as a House Party member more effective and fun by doing a few key things easier, things such as:

  • Keeping you connected to us and each other by being able to post photos, videos and conversations anytime, anywhere
  • Providing you with access to your profile, photos, video and party information anytime/anywhere
  • Giving you the ability to check out current and upcoming House Parties and Chatterbox programs

Well, we're here to say unequivocally: We heard you and that very feedback has helped us make the House Party mobile app what it is. So, just like any good party host, we're passing this gift that we've been working hard to develop on to you. We hope you enjoy the House Party mobile app and find it as helpful and fun a way to interact with us as we've designed it to be. After all, you're the key to making our programs vibrant, informative and - most of all - fun!




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