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Update your House Party profile for a chance to win!

Attention all House Party members! As we gear up for a busy party season, it's time to log in to House Party and make sure your information is up to date. In order for us to send you the best party opportunities, we need to know who you are! We've updated our registration forms and ask that you take a minute to log in to House Party and update your information. This will only take a few minutes of your time and don't worry, there's a chance to win involved!

If you update in the next 48 hours, you'll be entered to win 1 of 5 House Party VIP Passes! What's a VIP Pass you ask? If you're granted one of these golden tickets, you'll be able to cash it in for the host spot of your choice within the next year.* That's right, just send us the party name that you want, your user info, and as long as the party is offered in your area, you're in!

5 tips for updating your info

1. To optimize your chances of getting selected for a party or Chatterbox, you need to have a complete account with House Party. That means that your name, full address, date of birth, gender and 'about me' section is filled out.

2. When we say name, we mean the whole thing! We need a first and last name to send you a Party Pack, so if we don't have this you may miss out on the chance to host.

3. No P.O. Boxes! Unfortunately, we can't mail to P.O. Boxes, so if you have a residential or business address, use that one instead. Note: sometimes we can mail Chatterboxes to P.O. Boxes, so you won't miss out completely, but a different address is best if at all possible.

4. Make sure all of your 'about me' section is up to date! If you move to a new address, begin using a new email service, start a new blog, or get a new pet, we want to know about it! Accurate information lets us choose hosts as precisely as possible, so we'd recommend taking a look at your profile every few months to ensure that everything's still correct (hence, this friendly reminder).

5. Make sure your email address on file is correct (no typos!), then take a peek at your email preferences, so you know that you're receiving all of the emails that you're interested in (such as hosting opportunities and the monthly newsletter). And if you're not getting emails that your email preferences center shows you've selected to receive, let our team at know and they'll be sure to double-check settings on our end.

We don't want you to miss any great hosting or Chatterbox opportunities, so update today!

And if you're not a House Party member yet - what are you waiting for?! We send our members great party and Chatterbox opportunities via email, giving them a chance to try great products and services, throw really cool parties in their own homes, and make it easy to spread the word about the products that they love. Sign up today and get the party started!


*VIP Pass Terms and Conditions Earning a VIP Pass entitles you to priority consideration for an Event of your choice under the following terms and conditions. Term and termination: The VIP Pass is valid for a term of one year from the date issued. If the pass is not used during the one-year period, it will expire. House Party reserves the right to cancel the VIP Pass at any time if the recipient has violated any of House Party's terms of service or House Party's privacy policy. House Party also has the right to limit the qualifying events for individual VIP Passes and the number of allowable VIP Passes for each event. Transferability: The VIP Pass in non-transferable and must be used by the individual to whom it was issued. Use: Receipt of a VIP Pass entitles you to priority consideration as an Event Host. As a Host, you are subject to House Party's terms and conditions as well as its privacy policy. Only registered members can redeem a VIP Pass. You must meet our customer's recruitment criteria in order to be selected for an Event and submit your request within four days of the host selection date. In order to redeem a VIP Pass, the VIP Pass holder will be required to complete the applicable Event screener and then send an email to Certain information will be required, including but not limited to, the Event name, your full name, your House Party user name, and the email that is registered in the House Party system. You will be contacted within four business days of your email submission to confirm whether or not you met the criteria and if there are VIP Pass spaces available. There are a specific number of allotted spaces per event for VIP Pass owners. VIP Pass owners will be chosen based on meeting the event criteria and thereafter in order of application submission. If you are chosen to host an Event, you will be notified that your VIP Pass will be applied to the selected Event. If you are not chosen to host an Event your pass will be valid for the balance of the term. House Party reserves the right to deny a VIP Pass selection in its sole discretion.
House Party Profile Update Sweepstakes - Rules NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The "House Party Profile Update Sweepstakes" is subject in all respects to the complete Official Rules available at, or by sending a S.A.S.E. to "House Party Profile Update Sweepstakes - Rules Request", c/o House Party, Inc., Fifty South Buckhout Street, Suite 301, Irvington, NY 10533. The Sweepstakes is only open to entrants who are registered members of House Party and, at the time of entry, (a) log into their House Party account at and make sure all profile information is fully up to date and accurate, (b) are legal residents of the United States, (collectively, the "Sweepstakes Territory"), (c) are at least 18 years old and (d) have internet access and (e) are registered members in good standing of House Party (based on the platform used as means of entry). The Sweepstakes is void outside the eligible Sweepstakes territory; and where prohibited or restricted by law. Five (5) eligible entrants will be selected to win a House Party VIP Pass (enabling them to host one House Party of their choice within the next calendar year). Entry period begins at 6:00am EST Eastern Time on September 3, 2014 and ends at 5:59am EST Eastern Time on September 5, 2014. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Eligibility, entry methods and limits, and prize information and restrictions, are set forth in the Official Rules. LIMIT: 1 entry per person in this Sweepstakes. Sponsor: House Party, Inc., Fifty South Buckhout Street, Suite 301, Irvington, NY 10533. View Complete Official Rules.

House Party Profile Update Sweepstakes - Official Rules

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