House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends. We provide the fun, you provide food, your friends and feedback and promise to have an amazing time.

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As you may know by now, we try very hard here at House Party to stay updated on all of the current trends and technologies that'll make our platform and company the best it can be for YOU! The past three years we've had the amazing opportunity to head down to Austin, TX for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival and learned a ton about how we can improve our products. This year, a few of us submitted proposals to have a role at the festival and share some of our expertise with the SXSW community. It would be a huge honor and privilege for any of us to get selected - and there's a way you can help! SXSW gives the people the power by allowing a percentage of the selection process to come from community votes. So, we're asking for a huge favor: visit our page, take a look at our proposals and vote for us if you think we're on to something! SXSW Vote


* Liz Tashik - Navigating the ever-evolving email inbox in 2015

Liz sends the emails around here and is constantly keeping up with email trends, finding ways to get the right messages to the right people and learning about all of the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Hate spam? Vote for Liz and she'll spread the word on how to improve email campaigns.

* Peter Storck - How Kellogg's partied its way to a 6% sales lift

* Peter Storck - Do you know the ROI of WOM? Do you want to?

Peter is the driving force behind all of the research that shows campaigns like House Parties are a good idea for brands. He's proposing to pair up with a representative from Kellogg's to talk about the success of our Morningstar Farms House Party as well as a few participants of a WOMMA study which proved the true return on investment (ROI) of word of mouth marketing.

Like to party? Vote for Peter and he'll spread the word about why you guys are so good at what you do and why more brands should join the party!

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Love House Party? Then vote for all three! It's easy to vote: visit any of the links above, quickly make an account (just name, email and password needed to get started), and give us a thumbs up!

Attending these conferences helps us learn how to better serve you, our loyal community. So by helping us out now, you'll definitely reap some of the rewards when we're back and we'll be sure to document the adventure right here on our blog!

Thank you so much for taking a minute to help us out - we really appreciate it!

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