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"You've got mail", rather, notifications!

We've been pretty busy over the last several months making improvements to our site that we've finally begun rolling-out to help make your House Party experience more user-friendly and engaging. Thus far, your reactions have been substantially positive and we're glad to see the work pay-off in the smiles and exclamation marks we're seeing around our community. In the last week or so, you may have noticed a particular update to our site in addition to the fun updates we made a couple weeks ago: The addition of a Notification Center on our website. These notifications are focused around the community's interaction with your media, conversations and reviews on our site and, as we've always had, when a guest RSVPs to a party you're hosting. To give a bit better explanation though, let's get visual...

When you log into, you'll now see a little notification bubble in the upper right-hand corner of your "My Home" dashboard. If you don't have any notifications currently, it'll appear white and there's no need to do anything. However, if it appears red with a number, you've got some fresh notifications to check-out. Simply click on the bubble.

notifications bubble

Once you click on the bubble, you'll be able to see the new notifications listed and click directly to the interaction that you received (for example, if someone liked or commented on a photo you'd uploaded.) Or, you can choose to go to your Notification Center and view all your notifications - new and historical!



We're pretty excited to have these notifications updated for you and working to help you out in your House Party experience. We hope you find them as useful as we've intended them to be. So, log into, check it out and, as always, party on!

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