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SXSW: a week of great panels, BBQ and furry friends

And we're back! The House Party crew returned from our third SXSW Festival, and like years past, the experience was amazing. There was no shortage of wonderful conference panels, sessions, networking, food and experiences. Here, we summarize them for you in photos. First things first, you'v got to be prepared for SXSW. Let's see, we definitely appear to have covered that: Check.

The name of the game at SXSW is "power" for all your mobile devices!

Once we got there, we saw some really great speakers, and learned a lot from them:


Wharton professor and author Jonah Berger speaking about 'What Drives Word of Mouth?'

Edward Snowden talks about secure digital encryption and online privacy.

SXSW panel

SXSW panel

SXSW speaker

Co-founder of Twitter and Jelly, Biz Stone, in an interview with best selling author Steven Johnson.

We enjoyed some Shake Shack burgers (a taste of home) from the Seth Meyer's Late Night SethXSW truck (get it?):

Shake Shack at SXSW

Shake Shack at SXSW

That night, I (Liz) actually met Seth:

Seth Meyers at SXSW

I also met Mindy Kaling (and yes, she's as awesome as she is on TV!):

Mindy Kaling at SXSW

We headed to the Mashable House:

Mashable House SXSW

...where we channeled our inner Mileys:

Wrecking Ball SXSW

Then Jared got some Puppy kisses and nips from Scout at the GoBank #PuppyHour:

Puppy at SXSW

Deloitte delivered 3-D printed candy:

3-D printed candy at SXSW

"The Price Is Right" was there with their monstrous wheel:

"The Price Is Right" at SXSW

Subway even offered us lunch from their #SXSubway Square Flatizza food truck:

Flatizza at SXSW

We did get a few minutes every day to sit back and take it all in though...

Austin skyline during SXSW

And, we also ate some really good meals:

Roaring Fork Short Ribs during SXSW

Iron Cactus during SXSW

Buffalo Burger at SXSW

And there were games aplenty as well:

Corn-hole at SXSW

Jenga at SXSW

As always, we had an amazing time in Austin and can't wait to return next year and show you what's exciting and new at SXSW! Ever been to SXSW yourself? What was your favorite part?


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