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House Party Giving Back, Part II

We really enjoyed volunteering for a local organization back in October called Family-to-Family, helping out with their Stuffed Shirt Program. Since they have so many great initiatives, we extended another opportunity to House Party employees in December to participate in the organization's GivingWorks Empathy Program. In this program, Family-to-Family collects gently used or new books from school book drives, boxes them up with backpacks, labels, and postcards, then ships them to schools in underserved areas to allow the older children to read books to the younger children. Once they're finished reading to the kids, they give the backpack filled with books to the kids as a gift! Not only does it help teach the lesson of giving back, but it creates a positive sense of community and bonding in an educational setting. Hear what some of the volunteers had to say about the experience:

"I was delighted that I had the opportunity to volunteer my time at Family-to-Family. What a wonderful program that teaches children to give back even if they themselves are the recipients of charity. Also, I was proud that House Party encouraged their employees to volunteer. The company has generously offered time for exactly this, which, in turn, gave employees time to make a difference. It was important for me to take part because I believe one kind act can spread like wildfire and make the world a better place."

-- Kathy

"This project reminds me not to take anything for granted, and reinforces the good feelings and well-being that come from giving back to others. Helping to provide those in need with the tools to themselves give as well is an amazing experience. Our House Party community is very family-focused, so teaming up with another family-oriented organization is a great way to further reach out to the community. The December timing of this volunteer day was also a great fit, as the air is filled with the spirit of love and giving around the holidays. I'm so appreciative that House Party grants a volunteer day for its employees."

-- Melody

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Since we boxed up the books and supplies quicker than expected, we got to help put kits together for another fantastic initiative called Kids Can!, which empowers kids to run their own food drives at school. Family-to-Family has numerous programs just like these for you to check-out.

We hope to coordinate additional volunteer days with Family-to-Family in 2014. If you'd like to help with this organization in any way, there are several ways you can do so at

What are the ways you like to give back?

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