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How to: Take great photos

Snapping a quick smartphone photo during good times with family and friends is almost instinctual for many of us in this day and age. As you well know, we here at House Party strongly encourage our party hosts to indulge in this impulse during their parties. You may wonder why we put an emphasis on taking photos, so let's tackle that now. Pictures allow us to capture our most joyous moments as well as providing us with a story when we look back upon them. The brands we work with (the nice people who allow us to give you awesome parties and Party Packs) also really appreciate the photos. They don't just like photos for marketing reasons, they also like to experience the joy and excitement that the parties and Party Packs provide to the community.

The happier the brands are with the photos, the more they (and others) want to work with House Party, which in turn leads to more parties for you, our community! We look for hosts who share their good times at the party with photos, so the more you post, the better your chances for hosting future parties. And no one wants to post a bad picture (yes - we look at the quality, too!). Thus, we created this "How to" post to help our fantastic House Party members create the best photos possible.

Number 1: This first tip may seem a bit obvious, but it's a biggie: include the product in your photos! Whether it's a picture of you and your friends making a delicious cup of coffee with a KeurigR machine or a gleeful pic of your kids squirting each other silly with NERF SUPER SOAKERS, we really enjoy seeing photos where the product is getting some attention! Many times the Party and Chat Packs will include lots of goodies to go along with the party - so don't forget to show them off, too!


Number 2: We get a fair amount of photos whose quality makes it hard to view them. Some turn out a bit blurry from camera movement, while others are too dark due to lighting or lack of camera flash. The best thing to do is simply get in the habit of double-checking photos after taking them if you suspect that they may not have come out well. In the case of improving photos that appear too dark, most smartphones and cameras allow you to tinker with the flash settings. If the flash isn't happening when it should be, the flash setting is probably set to "auto" or "off" and you may have to manually set it to "on."

Number 3: Simply put, your smartphone and its apps are your friend! Top of the list for photos is Instagram. This app is one of the easiest and fastest growing ways to share photos with friends - especially photos of your House Party or Chatterbox experiences! The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android users. You can snap a photo using the app itself or access your Camera Roll for an existing photo you've taken, add a fun filter to the photo (to be artsy, evoke a certain mood or just for fun), attach comments and post for your followers to see. When you post the photo to Instagram, you can simultaneously share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also give your Instagram photo a fun caption; we suggest using the party or chatterbox hashtag so that your photo joins the conversations of other members!

Number 4: And last, but certainly not least, don't forget to smile! A few grumpy faces can spoil a group photo, so try to remind your guests to turn that frown upside down for their photo op!

This is the second "How to" post in our series, and there are several more to come! You may want to check out our previous post, "How to: be a great applicant," for some other great tips, and please feel free to let us know what you think, or ask any questions, in the comments below.

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