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How to: Make the strongest application possible

We get a lot of questions from our community on just what makes a great House Party member - how to show off your social media savvy, for instance, or how to make sure all of your party guests have an amazing time. With that in mind, we're pulling back the curtain and kicking off a series of "How to" blog posts. For today's inaugural post we'll be discussing the question we hear most often - how can you make your application as strong as possible?

There's a lot that goes into selecting the best hosts for an event; we're not just choosing whoever signs up first, or who has the biggest house or the most friends. We're trying to find the applicants who will throw the best parties and help spread the word to their friends and family, and there are a variety of factors that help determine that.

We're also not the only ones deciding. When brands sign up to work with us, they do so with particular ideas about whom they want to reach, and it's our job to find them. Sometimes it's pretty general - 1,000 members of the House Party community, for instance - and sometimes it's very specific - 1,000 moms who live in select states and have potty-training children.

Thus, with every event we have to turn away great applicants, especially with our more popular events, which can garner tens of thousands of applications. We work hard to ensure that our parties are fun and special for our hosts - but that means we get a lot of people who want to take part, which means it usually takes multiple tries to get selected.

But there are things you can do to make your application as compelling as possible, and even if you don't get selected for a party that you worked hard for, you're still increasing your likelihood of being chosen for future events, because our system remembers your behavior. So no application is ever wasted time, because it makes you a stronger community member in general.

What are those things that make your application the best it can be, then?

Complete all possible activities. If you're an applicant, that means - in addition to filling out the application itself - staying involved on the party page (by posting comments, voting in polls, taking part in any special activities, etc.) and across the rest of the internet (by posting to Facebook, tweeting with the event hashtag, and even showing your excitement on Pinterest or Instagram). The House Party site's sharing tools make it easy to let your friends and followers know how excited you are for the party, so don't hold back!

And if you're a host, don't forget to set up your party page, complete your surveys, and upload photos from your party, especially your Group Photo. The system remembers your activity, so hosts who are the most active are more likely to be selected for future parties.

Be honest! It may seem tempting, when filling out applications or surveys, to give the answers you think we want, rather than the correct ones. Or, even worse, to receive a Party Pack and keep it for yourself or - gasp! - sell it online, rather than share it with your friends and family. But we keep an eye on such things, as does the rest of our community, because it's important to them and to the brands we work with that House Parties happen the way they're supposed to. So if we notice something fishy, we take that into consideration during future host selections.

Make sure your profile is up-to-date. If you move to a new address, begin using a new email service, start a new blog, or get a new pet, we want to know about it! Accurate information lets us choose hosts as precisely as possible, so we'd recommend taking a look at your profile every few months to ensure that everything's still correct. In particular, take a peek at your email preferences, so you know that you're receiving all of the emails that you're interested in (such as hosting opportunities and the monthly newsletter). And if you're not getting emails that your email preferences center shows you've selected to receive, let our team at know and they'll be sure to double-check settings on our end.

Of course, even though we've been talking here about House Party events, all of these tips apply equally to Chatterbox programs. Being a Chatterbox may be different in some ways than being a House Party host, but completing your activities and doing so honestly are no less important!

Finally, we're always working hard to improve our application process, so we welcome your feedback. And keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more "How to" posts - and if there are specific things you want to learn more about, just let us know in the comments below!

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