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Memo from the CEO: summer is finally here!

I hope this post finds you well. Here at House Party our team is looking forward to the arrival of summer. The change of seasons -from winter to spring to summer - always seems to recharge the batteries. And even more so now considering some of the difficult events of the past year - Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown, CT school shootings, The Boston Marathon bombing and the recent tornado in Oklahoma. Hopefully summer will bring better weather and happier times for all of us. Similar to our community, our employees are a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, interests and family units. We have many employees who've been at House Party for four, five and even six years. We're a close-knit family and do our best to support each other at work and at home. The House Party team is especially busy right now. At home, our staff are coaching little league games, attending dance and orchestra recitals, winding down the school year, welcoming new babies, moving into new homes, going to weddings and graduations and much more. At work, our team is as busy as ever and you've probably noticed a large increase in opportunities to host parties for your favorite brands and products. We have even more exciting parties on the way over the next several months, including a summer Twitter party with some exciting giveaways! If you have a favorite brand you'd like to throw a party for, let us know. We always like to hear from you.

Finally, I hope all of you get a chance to spend some quality time with your family and friends this summer. Having a good balance between work and family life is something we strive for at House Party. Admittedly, we're not always very good at it. However, we try to remind ourselves we deserve a break every now and then - this summer seems like a perfect time to do just that.

What are your plans for the summer?

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