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I went and got engaged

Brian did it. Michael did it.

And about a month ago, I finally did it. I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. It was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life.

For nearly two years, my good friend Liz bugged me on a near daily basis. "When are you going to propose?" Other people would also ask me here and there. I still consider myself young-ish, but I'm definitely no spring chicken. I've been with my now-fiancee for around 4 years so I figured it was time, especially once the FedEx guy came with the ring. The one ring that would rule them all.

In a week or so, we're moving to California. We picked out a place last month, and we've spent the last few weeks handling all the "fun" stuff that goes with a cross-country move. I told her that I wanted to stock up on this particular petite syrah that I like from a semi-local Connecticut winery before we head out west. This was kind of a poor excuse since we're moving an hour away from Napa Valley, but hey, the 2010 Jonathan Edwards petite syrah is pretty legit.

After the two hour drive to the winery, we settled into a wine tasting and then purchased a few bottles of wine. At this point, I really needed that wine. After eating a small lunch and enjoying some of the wine that we purchased, the tasting room was starting to fill with patrons. Anxiety kicked in even harder.

I peeked into the barrel room and saw it was unoccupied by any living being and I knew it was time. We walked into the room to check it out and then I put my serious tone on.

"Nikki - I didn't drag you all the way out here to drink wine. There's something really serious I need to talk to you about. I think I jumped the gun when I agreed to move with you to California. It's a big commitment and since we're only boyfriend and girlfriend, I don't feel comfortable doing it."

Nikki goes from cheeky to really angry in 2-seconds flat. Was I breaking up with her? What about all the plans for a cross country move?

I let her marinate in those words for about 3 seconds while I fumbled around in my pocket to find the ring. Once I did, I got down on my knee and did the deed, and she said yes. The winery owner was there and congratulated us by offering us a complimentary bottle of wine. That was really nice.

These are happy times and since Liz was bugging me for two years to do it, she gets to plan the whole thing!

About the Author: Larry is a friend of House Party. Larry currently resides in the East Bay region of California. He enjoys all things wine related, and spends a lot of his free time in Napa and Sonoma learning about wine. Larry is also a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast. He enjoys practicing, watching, analyzing and commentating on all things MMA. Larry also enjoys cooking, fine dining, entertaining and hanging out with Maximus, his Jack Russell Terrier.

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