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Once upon a winter's Instagram

Winter here in New York can be many things, especially at House Party HQ located on the beautiful Hudson River. Some days it's socked-in with wind and sleet or under a foot or more of snow. This year, however, things have been a bit milder and on this particular morning it's a somewhat balmy 50 degrees. As I rode in on the train, watching the dense fog slowly shift along the river, I couldn't help but imagine I was traversing the Scottish or Irish countryside. What can I say? It prompted a much needed winter photo care of Instagram! The unmistakable New York City skyline that can typically be seen in a photo looking in this direction is nowhere to be seen. As I snapped a photo for our @HousePartyFun Instagram profile, all that could be heard were the occasional quacks from the local ducks and the water lapping at the river's banks.

A peaceful moment of solitude here at House Party indeed. Are you on Instagram or thinking of joining? Well, be sure to follow us on Instagram for more great House Party images: from Party Pack photos to office antics to scenes outside the office like this one. What more could you ask for from an Instagram profile?

How's winter been in your neck of the woods? What scenes do you love capturing during these wintery months?

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