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Happy Birthday, Blog!

365 sunrises and sunsets come and go. Roughly 1,100 meals are eaten. Nearly 3,000 hours are slept. What else can be done in one year's time? How about over 260 posts, hundreds of comments and hours of hard work and enjoyment for us as we created the Official House Party Blog for you to look forward to reading each and every day?

That's right, we're celebrating a birthday - the Official House Party Blog is one-year old and let's just say we're proud parents. As with any set of parents though, as proud as we are of our bouncing baby's accomplishments thus far, we're even more excited for those yet-to-come and the joy that we'll bring your way!

So, to all our readers who've enjoyed the blog this year, as well as those who are just discovering it - welcome. And thank you! We can't wait to enjoy year number two with you!

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