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New year, new resolutions

With the 2012 holidays officially over and a new year freshly upon us, the chance to make it a new and productive year is at hand as well. Whether you meticulously crafted your resolutions for 2013, just scrambled to figure out one as the Times Square ball was dropping or have completely given up on the idea there's no time like the present to start either start attacking your goals or keep working on figuring them out! Here at House Party headquarters we asked the team what resolutions folks were ringing in the new year with. Here's but a few of the responses we got:

"I have a lot of New Year's resolutions this year (again) - among them are conquering my fear of heights (skydiving Living Social deal already booked!), getting more fit (Warrior Dash & Super Spartan Race booked!), and flossing more (note to self, buy more floss)."


"My New Year's resolution is actually to lose weight...*sigh* It appears I'm at that age where my metabolism is running (or sluggishly walking) just a bit behind the rest of me. Well, no more. With a wedding coming up, 2013 is the year I know every nook and cranny of my gym!"


"For my New Years resolution, I'm giving up resolutions."


These are just a few of the responses we heard, but we want to know: What are your resolutions for 2013?

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